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  • VAbarb Level 1 (0 points)

    Thx Mike95...Wish it were so..... Security settings and ssid broadcast were the first things I checked...I not only made sure the security was identified correctly I changed the broadcast to open just for grins....still did not find it.  after resetting network settings and manually trying to connect.. 


    There were a few times that it finds the hotspot


    It got to the point that I took pictures of phone and ipad settings just to prove that I had all of them correct...... good news is after two calls to support and two trips to the apple store...they swapped it out today... and the folks there seemed to be aware of this problem (instead of chalking it up to user error - granted it's hard to convince them if it's intermittent)......


    all that being said.... until the root cause is identified - swapping out may not fix it... setting up new ipad now to see.....


    interesting note... one of the apple reps on the tech line actually tried to tell me that the ipad may not be compatible with a non apple phone hotspot......pleeeeease where do they get this stuff.....


    Oh well he was nice and obviously trying to help.... count to 10  1....2....3....

  • VAbarb Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry as far as I know apple has not made any announcement about this as of today and you would be lucky if your store folks were even aware of it... two trips...only today did anyone there acknowledge that they were aware of the problem... bloggers have posted a snap of a supposed internal Apple communication about this... but nothing official....

  • DarenG Level 1 (90 points)

    It has to be hardware related.  I get full connectivity and zero dropouts.  However, my Android clearly outperforms my IPAD in both download and upload speeds.

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 (195 points)

    I would say this is absolutely normal. You are sharing your connection with a household, so not going to get maximum speeds all the time. your ping is excellent. Congrats.

  • 2wenty7 Level 1 (0 points)

    Having this problem too.  I have full signal, but the apps were not downloading.  If they were moving at all, it was very slow...I am not seeing the signal drop at all, just seems to lack any speed.  May return it just before the 14 days is up if the problem persists....

  • ASC_Rizzo Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the range issue on a iPad 2 64gb with 3g thats not active.

    The iPad 2 I'm having the issuse on is running is still running the original OS the version Osx 4

    I was going to jail break it but I decided to keep it setup like the average user for support purposes.

    Now that this problem has been confirmed I'm going to update my OS the standard way and how it

    functions. Then I'm going to wipe the pad clean and load it as a fresh install then check it to see if it's any better.

    By wiping the files from the original OS  they should be gone with no chance of conflict I hope.

    There must be some reason why my iPad 2 3G is having the identicle issue and I have'nt heard of any others.

  • It_caveman Level 1 (5 points)

    Here are my test results Using Airport Extreme, Comcast High Speed and Okla Speed test. This isbthebreason I went through 4 iPad3's:


    IPad2 = 22.38 download and 3.75 upload at 25ft from router, 5 ghz band


    IPhone 4S = 22.32 download and 3.64 upload, 2.4ghz band


    The iPad3's averaged about half the speeds above and dropped out completely at abou 45ft. These wer also tested on the 5ghz band. At 2.4 ghz they wee only slightly better.



    Now your speed I can say one way or the other since I don't know the distance that you tested from, or the router you used or the bands you tested on, but it seems a little on the weak side to me. Try the tests again and note the distances etc.


    With my iPad2 and iPhone4S I could get out to about 70 tp 80 ft and still have a strong usable wifi signal. The iPad3 had no signal at all at 40 to 45 ft and was weak from 30 to 40 ft.


    You be the judge, but I would like to see you test it again like I did and post the results.


    Now, just for the record, I have a couple of friends that brought their iPad3's over and we ran the samea tests on them and they were both comparable to my iPad2 and worked extremely well. So ther are good ones as well as bd ones out there.

  • Gat0r Level 1 (55 points)

    You made me want to check mine:


    iPad 3 -  Download 30.27  Upload 6.05


    4S -   -   Download 34.28  Uppoad 6.08


    AIrport extreme router running on Comcast Blast level internet.  I knew I had not had any speed issues with my ipad and the numbers show it..  Both devices tested approx 50 feet from router and it's upstairs.

  • It_caveman Level 1 (5 points)

    Great. This is a good test. I'm going to try another iPad3 in about 10 days and hoping for a good one this time. Thanks for posting your results....

  • dreaminkitten Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having a similar problem,  my iPad 2 was great on the wifi but since I upgraded to the new iPad it's been really slow. I'm almost wishing I would've pet the 2.

  • Jermil05 Level 1 (5 points)

    Our Apple-defending doubter-apologists seem to have gone silent. Smart.

    Here's the latest testing reported in eWeek:!/entry/page-2-new-ipad-wifi-tests-confirm-consistent- connection-failures,4f8198caa346eb8b1e0002fe

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    Yes, they certainly have.


    Give 'em some slack, though. News travels slow to Alaska...

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    If it is a bad batch then let's try to find out which one.


    Can you please post your iPad manufacturing week and factory info along with WiFi status (good or bad)? You can get it by deciphering device serial number here:

    I haven't bought new iPad yet (this thread gave me a pause) but I was able to get data for my my iPhone 4S: week 49 (December) and factory C3 (China).


    If anyone is aware of another way of checking manufacturing week & factory by just looking at the serial number, please post.

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 (13,251 points)

    This will help you.

  • Dave03221 Level 1 (0 points)

    When will Apple admit there is an issue and notify new iPad owners when they can expect a fix for the poor wifi? I am waiting and frustrated with this new version.

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