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- Adjusting the size of the icon does not create a controller.  The on and off with a click created by build is not there when I make it a quicktime movie. Also I want to create more than one audio example on a keynote panel with controllers for each?  OR visable placeable icons?  Help.  Thanks.

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    I am not quite sure what you are looking to do, but if you want to create a panel-like slide where you push one button and a sound starts, push another and another sound starts (like a synthesizer), then the best approach is through the use of hyperlinks.


    I have explained a similar how-to in another thread:


    It focuses on video, but the idea is the same.  The only difference is that because you are using only audio, the still image I talk about in thead linked above would need to be replaced by either a shape or an image of your choice.


    It should at the least lead you in the right direction, I think.

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    Hello Edward,


    Thank you - but this does not seem to quite match what I am looking to do.


    I have created a presentation where there are pictures of musical instruments. I then have two musical examples of the instruments playing - mp3s.  When bounced to quicktime right now the only ting I can do is click to start - wait till it's over, click to start the next one, wait till its over.  It responds to the wheel on my mouse but nothing else - I cannot stop by clicking or choose which one to listen to.


    On the net someone said you could create a controller by making the icon bigger.  This does not work.  Do a stop audio in the build does not work in terms of stopping the audio.


    Having a controller slide with controls would be nice, but even being able to play the audio by pressing a picture would be an improvement.  It is surprisingly limited at present. 


    I appreciate your time.

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    What I would try and do then is create your own control with shapes or images, then have a soundless slide along with a slide for each sound, then whenever you want to stop a sound from playing, touch/click on a shape that is hyperlinked to the soundless slide.


    As long as every slide is hyperlinked to the correct sound slides, you should be able to go in and out of them fairly easily, even the soundless one.  It takes time setting up, but is doable.

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    Thanks again Edward -


    I guess this is possible - however I am looking to disburse this as a teaching video to others... and this procrdure is a bit unwieldy to be asking teachers to mess with in a classroom situation.  And then I want to create 'tests' with all of the sounds on one slide.  And then repeat this procedure many times. 


    It would be nice - and what one naturally expects - if what one creates and sees when you play your keynote project - was what came out when bounced to quicktime.


    Perhaps I'll have to pursure another program - thanks for your time... do you have a suggestion ion this regard?



    Chris Kaufman

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    I have the same problem. If you play a video in keynote, you get controllers under it. But if you play audio there are no controllers. I think that's bad. The only thing I can think of is to make a video with a still image (for example the image of the musical instrument) and with the sound you want to play. Then you can use that video in stead of your audio file. But I would ask apple to make controllers for the next update of keynote, please! It would save us a lot of work, or looking for another program to work with.

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    I just found out that if you make the icon bigger, you get a sort of controller. But the other problems still remain: the icons are not visible and you can not click on them in the order you want to, you can only click on the whole dia. And I also found out that all those things are possible in Power Point, so it would be nice if keynote did the same and even better I'm looking forward to it.....

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    the other problems still remain: the icons are not visible and you can not click on them in the order you want to, you can only click on the whole dia.

    Im not understanding why you need to 'control'  your audio file, keeping in mind Keynote is a simple application.

    Why is one picture with the audio playing not  suitable? This isnt a critisism I am trying to work out what you want to achieve.


    It is highly unlikely Keynote will provide the advanced  functions you want, that is not the function of Keynote, it is designed for  kids at school or university and teachers and managers to punt out a fast presentation for school or work.


    If you want something more advanced then PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, Flash or Director is what you need.