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    Same here! I bought one yesterday and, while watching YouTube videos last night, was able to charge the iPad at the same time! I can tell you that this has never happened in the past with the supplied charger! Thanks Prophloe!

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    Prophloe wrote:


    Yeah, I actually see that but it doesn't change the fact that my iPad 3 charges way faster with the Griffin charger than with the provided Apple charger.  SMH


    Which one?


    I got this one from Amazon:



    It was defective.  It got hot and in an hour, it managed to charge my iPad 1%.  The iPad kept turning on and off, and said it was charged.  It did not come in a retail box.  It came in a bag.  The cable was shorter and thicker than a normal cable.


    So I bought the same thing from Target.  This one came in a retail box, and had all of the same parts as the one from Amazon.  The only difference was the cable that came with it.  It was a normal thickness and length.  A while back, I tested the speed that my iPad charged with the stock charger.  It came out to 16% per hour.  I tested the Griffin charger that I bought at Target yesterday.  It too came out to 16% per hour.  So I see no difference at all between the two charger.  As it doesn't do any better than the one that came with my iPad, I'll be returning it tomorrow.


    Am I missing something?  Did I end up with the wrong charger?

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    I wonder if they have them in the store yet.  I'm going to run over tomorrow and check it out.  Maybe it won't come to the stores until the newest new iPad does...


    See?  Apple does care about all the people who have been complaining about how long it takes to charge the old new iPad.  You just have to spend more $$ to fix it...

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    I am extremely new to the iPad. I wanted one so bad and have been waiting till I could afford one and also see that I would really use one. My kids and their families have been showing me all about theirs.  Anyway, just bought the New IPad a couple of weeks ago and love everything except the charging issue that you seemed to be writing about.  Have even thought about returning it and buying the new Mini.  Is it suppose to have a charging problem too?  I didn't understand completely what you were talking about on "the fix".  Would you mind giving some very explicit directions?  I would appreciate yours or anyone's help with this.  Thank You

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    If you don't mind sharing, where did you buy the Griffin charger at?

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    Are there different versions of the Griffin charger?  I bought one at Target.  To test it, I discharged my iPad to 50 percent and charged with the stock charger.  In one hour, it charged 16 percent.  Then I drained it to 50 percent and charged with the Griffin charger.  In one hour, it too charged 16 percent.  I got the exact same results from both chargers.  So I took it back to Target.


    As soon as it is in stock at my Apple store, I'll be getting this:


    It's a 12 watt charger, so it should definitely show some improved performance.

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    I managed to hunt down one of the 12 watt chargers today.  I did the same test as I indicate in the above post, and it charged 20 percent in the same amount of time that the 10 watt charger charges 16 percent.  So there's a definite difference in the amount of charge that it will give over a set period of time.  A 20 percent increase.  I did not try using it plugged in because it's not something that I ever do.

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    I'd be curious to see this forum's experience with the following test:


    • Let the iPad 3 discharge down to 10%
    • Turn on Airplane Mode
    • Turn on Wifi
    • Turn up brightness to any level above 50%
    • Turn up volume to any level above 50%
    • Start streaming a show / movie from Netflix or any similar video streaming service
    • When the power level reaches 5%, plug in and power up via the standard Apple iPad charger


    Does your iPad 3 keep going? Can you keep watching your video stream? I've found that mine doesn't.

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    I have read almost every post, even some of the ones with the future writers and authors .  I have not heard not one person use the Double home thing that kills all the working apps.  I kill or stop the apps I am not using daily and it increases my charging time.  I would not recommend using another charger othen an apple charger or you could have your Ipad battery looking swollen like a pillow.  However a ipad with an longer cable does sound interesting...

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    Sorry, but shutting down all the apps was the first thing I tried. Even IF this worked, I doubt that many people would be too pleased to find out that a key feature of IOS is unavailable if you want more than 2 hours of battery life! Thanks for the input though. One thing that I did find that made a difference was to turn off Bluetooth. Made quite a big difference, even though I rarely use Bluetooth with this device. ? That said, the charger still doesn't keep up to the usage if I'm playing iTunes movies! I'm not happy about this but will wait to see if apple corrects it.

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    You forgot to hold one foot in the air and cross your fingers! :). Sorry, couldn't resist. And, no, mine won't play movies in that condition. In fact, it won't even let me do Facebook! The charger can't even keep up to that! Bloody ridiculous.

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    Sorry for the late reply boodles! I bought it off Amazon.

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    Ok, so, I'm curious to know ... Does the iPad 4 have the same problems ?


    They did make a new charger, and maybe lighting can take more current... Thoughts ?

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    I'm surprised to see this discussion still going. The new iPad 4 also introduced a new 12 watt charger that noticeably alleviates the slow charging people were used to with the iPad 3. I figured that information would have been widespread in this forum and discussion by now.


    As someone who also owns an iPad 1 I know how quick it and the iPad 2 can charge. I had also bought and returned the iPad 3 precisely because of the slow charging. So when the new iPad 4 came out and I saw that the charger was updated I thought I would give it a try. How does it compare?


    Well, if you are someone like me that is very picky about battery life and charging times, the slow charging issue is now not really much of an issue anymore with the iPad 4. Does it charge as quick as an iPad 1 or 2? Of course not, but it is certainly better than the iPad 3 with the old 10 watt charger. For one thing, I believe there were things done under the hood of iOS and the hardware on the iPad 4 to help things out more than one would think an extra 2 watts of power would provide. A second thing is the battery life on my iPad 4 is noticeably better than the iPad 1. Couple those things together and I am now reasonably satisfied with the charging times and especially the battery life of the iPad 4 in comparison to my iPad 1.


    People also need to keep in perspective the fact that the benefits of iPad 3 and 4 demand a lot from the battery in comparison to the iPad 1 and 2. My advice to everyone with an iPad 3 is to get rid of their current charger and buy the new 12 watt version. I believe the 10 watt model is not even sold anymore but I would double check to make sure you are buying the 12 watt version. If there were software changes made to iOS 6 to help the iPad 3 with charging and battery life then so much the better.


    After you do that, check to make sure your charging time has improved and if it has then forget about the issue and enjoy your iPad. If you feel your iPad is faulty then call Apple.