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apoc_reg Level 1 Level 1

I have had my shiny new iPad plugged in overnight with it's included iPad charger  (it was displaying some context for some of that).


I have just woken up and it's only at 39%!!!! Now I know that it's meant to take longer to charge but that is unbelievable!?


As I said I'm using the lead and charger it came with, the only exception is I'm also using a usb extension lead inbetween as the plug is quite far away. I used the same lead with my iPad 2 every night and it charged fine and fast.


It also kept displaying not charging when plugged into my PC (which is definitely high powered ports).


Should I be booking a genius bar appointment do you think!?



iPad 2, iOS 5.1
Reply by BeersYourFriend on Mar 18, 2012 3:12 AM Helpful
Mine does not take that long to charge! I would take it in. I use an extension cable as well, and still charges mine. You may want to try another extension cable... My iPad literally shuts off, while plugged in and charging. I can't believe I cannot use mine, even while plugged into its power adapter, even if I'm still using it around 1-2%... Just curious, does yours die while plugged in, while using it? Wondering if I need to take mine in ad well...
Reply by Christian Greenberg on Mar 18, 2012 4:14 PM Helpful
There is no battery charging issue, as weird as this may sound.The new battery has almost double of the capacity of the iPad 2 battery.Unfortunately, the charger is still the same, charging the larger new iPad battery much slower.Charging takes almost 1 hour for a 10% charge, which is quite slow and...annoying. There is no way Apple can actually shorten the charging time since the 10W charger simply isn't capable of charging the new iPad faster. Only solution I can see: A quick charger.Unfortunately, I think that a quick charger isn't compatible with the new and larger battery, which may need to be charged slowly to be on the safe side (for durability reasons). Yes, the biggest flaw of the new iPad is actually the charging process. Not only does it take almost one single hour for a 10 % increase in battery capacity (actually the overall charging period from 0% to 100% is close to over 8 hours) but what is worse, the battery capacity even drops when you play a game while the iPad is charging. At 100% display brightness, playing AirSupremacy, battery capacity drops by 2% or so...every 10 minutes. Ouch. The new iPad is a great tablet, the Retina display is absolutely amazing but Apple urgently needs to address the slow charging process. I would even pay up to 100 bucks for a quick charger, no kidding. The slow charging process is the most annoying thing I ever encounted on an Apple device. Honestly. I don't know what Apple was thinking...over 8 hours for a full charge are at least 4 hours too long.The fact that the new iPad charger can't even cope with power consumption during extensive usage, is kind of sad.
Reply by Erdemir on Mar 19, 2012 10:09 PM Helpful
Apple absolutely forgot to renew the new ipad's charger. Literally unbelievable charging times!!!

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  • apoc_reg Level 1 Level 1

    Just had it plugged in without the usb extension and its only gone up 1% in 20 minutes witht he screen on.

    Could it be when the screen is on this new battery uses as much as i is receiving from the plug?!

    If so the iPad 2 suddenly became the better option if you have to use your pad a lot......!

  • BeersYourFriend Level 1 Level 1

    Mine does not take that long to charge! I would take it in. I use an extension cable as well, and still charges mine. You may want to try another extension cable... My iPad literally shuts off, while plugged in and charging. I can't believe I cannot use mine, even while plugged into its power adapter, even if I'm still using it around 1-2%...


    Just curious, does yours die while plugged in, while using it?


    Wondering if I need to take mine in ad well...

  • apoc_reg Level 1 Level 1

    It seems a bit quicker without the extension lead but I don't see why that should effect it... then again I'm no expert!!


    I will be going in to ask the question at least, need to do some real recording of testing first I guess.



  • apoc_reg Level 1 Level 1

    Will try if mine dies too and let you know

  • bheiser1 Level 1 Level 1

    The new battery is rated at 42.5 Watt Hours. So if the runtime is 10 hours then this means the iPad consumes 4.25 watts. It would consume more if it's running processor-intensive apps. Presumably there is some inefficiency in the charging process. Even so, at least from a layperson's perspective, it seems a 10w charger should be sufficient, even if the iPad is in use while being charged.


    * disclaimer:  I am not an electrical engineer, so if there is one among us, please feel free to correct my analysis :)

  • apoc_reg Level 1 Level 1

    Yes that makes sense. Wonder if there is a problem then!!


    Considering if this would be worth trying


    Non USB power cable.....

  • Bellatone Level 1 Level 1

    This is a genuine issue and needs to be addressed.


    Yesterday, launch day, I received a white AT&T 32GB 4G version, but I found the color distracting and AT&T lied to me and I got no signal at all where I live.  I was actually able to take it to my local store midday and exchange it for a black Verizon model.  The Verizon is screaming fast.


    Anyway, they both have the same charging issues so this is a definite problem with all iPads, or the iPad chargers supplied.  I believe Apple will have to send us all replacement chargers.  While using my iPad, even plugged into the 10W charger and with the cellular data radio turned off, doing nothing more than typing on this very forum with all other apps closed, the battery drains at a rate of about 5% every half hour.... WITH THE CHARGER PLUGGED IN!  The charger is active and the lightning bolt battery icon is up there.  The iPad will only charge when the device is fully powered down.  Even if it is in standby the unit will not charge when plugged in.  This is either an OS bug that needs to be fixed or the charger supplied is not nearly adequate.


    The iPad charger will charge my iPhone 4S rapidly, even when in use.  It also charged my previous iPad 2 in a decent amount of time.  But this 10W charger certainly does not charge the iPad while on, and the iPad certainly does not get 10 hours of use with or without the charger plugged in,


    This is a serious issue and one that needs to be address promptly.  Apple needs to send us all higher wattage chargers, issue an OS fix, or take care of whatever the problem is.


    They also obviously didn't think the new iPad development through.  The unit gets quite warm when in use and quite hot when the cellular is on.  Also, the display does not get as bright as the iPhone 4S, and several people at the Apple Store agreed with me on all these issues.


    Unless Apple wants to see a lot of returns and unhappy consumers, they need to fix this issue pronto.  In the time it's taken me to type this post the power has gone down another 3%, with the charger plugged in and supposedly charging.  Something is seriously wrong here.

  • Bellatone Level 1 Level 1

    Also, if Apple knew that the iPad 2 required a 10W charger for the (6900 mAh?) battery because the 5W charger for the iPhone wouldn't work, how did they figure the same 10W charger would be acceptable for an 11,666 mAh battery on a device which uses more power?

  • BeersYourFriend Level 1 Level 1

    Does yours shut down, even while plugged into the power supply? Mine shows that it's charging, but even when it gets around 1-2% power, it just shuts down. Yours do it?

  • Lowell Tuttman Level 4 Level 4

    There seem to be a couple of issues here.

    1. Any long extensions to the charger will reduce the efficiency of charging. This is true for any IOS device I have ever had (lots of them)--so try to use the cord it came with. I am able to get reasonable charging with this and it will still charge, albeit slowly, if Im using the device. I am able to go,so far, from a 40% to full charge in 3.5 hours.


    2. If charging, I would turn off all radios and sleep the ipad. So, if you leave your cell radio, wifi radio, and bluetooth radio on, you will not charge quickly. For the definitive charging test, power off your ipad and charge.


    3. The battery does condition itself after a few cycles--and while this remark is OFT, I've noticed that since first use on friday ( I have the wi-fi only version), there is almost no heat now when Im using it. I just watched an hour of hbo-go, no heat at all, and a discharge of 9% for the hour, so the battery life mark if just about right. This was not the case on friday.


    From watching the comments on this group for the last few days, it looks like people are all over the map with problems and issues--I would give the device a weeks use before coming to any hard conclusions.

  • Lowell Tuttman Level 4 Level 4

    Sorry, I forgot one thing- this is a reply to the orginator of this thread--there is no possible way ANY pc or mac based USB port, hi power or not, thats going to charge this thing at a reasonable rate. So, I would think that for all of us with the new ipad, we will be looking for the highest power third party charger that the ipad will tolerate without burning up the batt.

  • Tiktokoz Level 1 Level 1

    Mine is just very slow at charging I have been charging it since 17.00 and it's now only at 77% it appears to be slower than the iPad 2 was through a standard 5 watt USB cable at this rate it's probably gonna take 10 hours to charge!

    I get that it should take longer to charge being a bigger battery but this is too long.

  • Bellatone Level 1 Level 1

    I don't let it get that far so I couldn't tell you.  I never let my devices get lower than 20% and even then that's rare.  When I'm home I almost always left my iPad 2 plugged in while using it and I plan on doing the same thing with the new iPad.


    The extension cord makes no difference.  I still have the same charging issues with or without the extension cord.  I'm using a 10 ft. Basics USB cord for both my iPhone and iPad.  I never had any problems with them in the past either.


    Sometmes when the new iPad is in standby it will charge slowly but most of the times it won't, and it never charges while I'm using it.  The power always drops.  In fact, I think the power drops more when the charger is plugged in then when it isn't.

  • vytec Level 1 Level 1

    My new iPad 3 wasnt charging at all using the 10 watt charger. Not sure but it may have been due to not plugging into iPad all the way or not making a good connection. It had the lightning bolt indicating it was charging but after having it on the charger for several hours nothing.  I then moved it to my USB via my MacBook Pro and it charged at what seemed to be a great rate.

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