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I've Read a lot of similar problems in this thread, but nothing taht were mentioned there does not work for me.


Preverence Manager seemed not to do anything alsso.


So at the moment i have 5-6 events that i created about a month or two ago in events folder
and 2-3 projects in projects folder


When opening FCP X it is simply not loading any events or any projects.

all it doesit creates New Event folder with current date  into FCPX Events folder.

everytime i open the FCPX i got one nw events folder... why it is creting it over and over?


Ok, it also allows to create new events and projects.

But it does not load old events or old projects.


Doubleclicking on CurrentVersion.fcpproject  file will start Loading project on TimeLine, but it will never stop. it jsut loads forever and hangs the whole FCPX.

Doubleclicking on CurrentVersion.fcpevent  file will simply do nothing... and nothing opens or appears.


So all of my work is simply unusable!  Pelase help on this issue.
i've tried

-the tools from digital rebellions

-copying and moving the event and project folders back and forth.

-repair/verify permissions and disk

-rebooting, restarting, reinstalling


no luck


Please Help if anyone have any idea what is going on...

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