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The sync between IE and iCloud stopped. I've found the following error in the logfiles. But I have no idea what the problem is:


[3880 @ Sun Mar 18 14:25:16 2012] [Exceptions BookmarkDAV_client.exe] Rainfall::CoreFoundationObject::CoreFoundationObject: throwing exception due to Rainfall error 3 on line 302 of file .\CoreFoundation.cpp

[3880 @ Sun Mar 18 14:25:16 2012] [Exceptions BookmarkDAV_client.exe] BADatabase::MergeOntoShellAndRegistry: caught Rainfall error 3 exception on line 1782 of file .\InternetExplorerClientDatabaseAccess.cpp;

thrown from function Rainfall::CoreFoundationObject::CoreFoundationObject on line 302 of file .\CoreFoundation.cpp; stack trace:

                LibRainfall.dll 0x6254B332 Rainfall::Exceptions::ThrowRainfallErrorFunc+0x62

                LibRainfall.dll 0x625453E8 Rainfall::CoreFoundationDictionary::GetValue+0x58

InternetExplorerBookmarkDAV.dll 0x6528C20B (error 487)

InternetExplorerBookmarkDAV.dll 0x6528C567 (error 487)

InternetExplorerBookmarkDAV.dll 0x6528C77D (error 487)

InternetExplorerBookmarkDAV.dll 0x6528CEB0 (error 487)

InternetExplorerBookmarkDAV.dll 0x652976FB (error 487)

InternetExplorerBookmarkDAV.dll 0x652978FF (error 487)

InternetExplorerBookmarkDAV.dll 0x652979E3 (error 487)

InternetExplorerBookmarkDAV.dll 0x65298B77 BADatabaseClose+0x87

    BookmarkDAV_client_main.dll 0x6548388C BookmarkDAVClient_CopySaveFailure+0x114C

    BookmarkDAV_client_main.dll 0x654712F0 (error 487)

    BookmarkDAV_client_main.dll 0x654794DE (error 487)

    BookmarkDAV_client_main.dll 0x6547CDFA (error 487)

                    CoreDAV.dll 0x652E5B5B CDVLog+0x7E9B

                    CoreDAV.dll 0x652E9152 CDVLog+0xB492

                    CoreDAV.dll 0x652E8235 CDVLog+0xA575

                    CoreDAV.dll 0x652EE8F1 CDVLog+0x10C31

                    CoreDAV.dll 0x652CB541 (error 487)

                    CoreDAV.dll 0x652F0159 CDVLog+0x12499

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    Hello Spirou,


    I had the same problem. In the end it turned out that I had moved the location of my Favourites folder to a different location -- iCloud sync does not like that but does not give any qualified error message.


    Now that I have moved the folder back to its default location, all is working fine.


    This is clearly a design fault on Apples side.


    Hope this helps,