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I activated Private Browsing.

I had to change the password on a few web pages,

and then of course I put my iPad down.

During the day, I visited other websites, and then by chance I kept on pressing the BACK

button looking for something. To my surprise all the pages I visited since the beginning of the day were still accessible, including

the pages to change my passwords.


Is this normal? What is the point of Private Browsing, if Safari remembers all the pages I visit?


Now, I am going to check whether "Quitting" Safari on my iPad actually removes all history.

If that is the case, then Apple should alert you when you

activate Private Browsing in the Safari Preferences that nothing will be removed until you actually quit the app.



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    AFAIK - the back button will continue to work even with Private browsing turned on. It works for me when I use it. That is for your advantage as the user if you need to move back to another previously visited web site. While private browsing is turned on - no history is retained for that session.


    So as afar as I know - that is the expected behavior for Safari with private browsing turned on.


    Your history while using private browsing will not appear if you quit Safari and then launch it again. You can even check as you go along while using private browsing. Look at the history - it is not remembered while private browsing is turned on.