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Please help....I replaced my airport express with an apple tv and moved the airport to a different location within the same wired network and the light continues to flash amber. I know the ethernet connection is good and I have tried restarting the modem/router/airport with no change in status and when I look in the airport utility software, it reports that it cant see it. When I move back to its original location, the light goes green.  What happened and how can i correct this issue? Thanks very much for any assistance.

  • Tesserax Level 9 Level 9

    Could you please provide a bit more information on how your current network is configured? That is, I assume that, based on what you provided, that you have AirPort Express Base Station (AX) connected by Ethernet to another router upstream ... and that this router is connected by Ethernet to your Internet broadband modem ... correct? What is the make & model of both this upstream router and the modem?


    Also by "different location within the same wired network" do you mean that you have connected the AX to another LAN port on the upstream router?

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    the weird thing is that all Ive done is move its pysical location....my house has ethernet ports in every room all running through a common upstream router which in turn is connected to a dsl modem. At this point Ive hard reset the AX back to factory settings....now the AX utility sees the AX but shows me that it has a total of 3 problems. 1) Internet connection...2) no DNS servers...3) default settings. When I highlight "default settings" the info reads "this AX base station has default settings. You should configure it to connect to the internet, secure the wireless network, and provide a password. I assume that if I correct this, the other 2 troubles should take care of themselves.  At the bottom of the page there are buttons that say...help, revert, update and a drop down menu that says default settings, recovered settings, create profile, edit profiles. not sure where to go from here. thaks for taking the time to help me.

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    Can you move a laptop temporarily to the new connection point for the AirPort Express, turn off the wireless on the laptop and connect the Ethernet cable?


    Then try to log on to the Internet.


    Can you do this?


    If yes, then you have at least verified that the Ethernet cable and jack are working.


    If no, (as I suspect might be the case) you have a wiring problem that will need to be sorted out. It is usually a bad or miswired Ethernet plug at one end. (Sometimes the installers don't bother to test everything, unfortunately).

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    I have checked the connection, and it is ok....when I plug my laptop in at that connection point, I can access the internet. I have the same trouble at other ethernet ports as well...I think I need to set the AX up as if I just bought it because Ive reset it....Im just not sure how to do this from the screen that I am seeing.

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    We have this exact issue! Moved our Time Capsule and bam, no wireless Internet but the Ethernet works.