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Just got a Verizon 4G iPad. I go into the Settings > Cellular Data > View Account and a window pops up telling me that "The SIM Card inserted in this device is already active on a subscription that connot be managed on this device."


I thought that the data plan was supposed to be manageable from the device.


I first called the Verizon customer care number given in the window. The first person said I had some kind of two year contract and passed me off to a different person. The second person said I did not have a contract, but that I needed to set up My Verzion account on the website. But that still didn't work. So I went back to the Verizon store and they said I had to download the My Verizon App.


I'm pretty sure they are all wrong and that I should be able to manage my account directly through the iPad. Isn't that correct?

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    I found this page here (not for 4G, but I imagine it should be the same). http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4571


    Is it because I bought directly from Verizon?

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    A little more research seems to indicate that I have been signed up for a post-paid account. Which doesn't seem like something I want. I think I'm going to head back to the Verizon store.

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    Verizon doesn't offer prepaid for the iPad. However, the postpaid plan is a month-to-month plan, not a contract with an early termination fee.

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    That is not correct. I have a prepaid account account with Verizon. The prepaid account is activated directly on the new iPad or iPad2.

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    It seems that Verizon does offer prepaid, but they want to make it so scary and spread a lot of FUD around it. The rep told me there is a $35 fee each time I activate it. Which according to this link isn't/wasn't true.




    I think they want to make money off the post-paid plan and get my SS#. I'm really quite ****** about this.


    I'm waiting at the VZ store, we shall see.

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    The plan that that article references is the month-to-month plan. It is not a prepaid plan. You will receive a bill every month until you cancel the account. Keep in mind that the article you referenced is also a year old. Terms and conditions may have changed.

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    I know it is old, hence the "isn't/wasn't" true. However I would think that if there were crazy rumors about this with the introduction of the iPad2 it is likely the same junk is still going around. Additionally I do not see any thing in the article referencing whether the month-to-month is pre or post paid. Just that it is no contract required.


    In any event, what I wanted was the ability to manage my plan from my iPad — something touted by Apple and even built into the Settings. And it seems that there couldn't possibly be a $35 fee for reuping a $30 montly service, as Pouge said, "That seemed so user-hostile, so outrageous,.."


    Here is what I have found out from my hour at the VZ store.


    • 4G iPads sold through a VZ store must be activated in store and signed up for a plan — either pre- or post-paid. Neither requires a contract of any sort.
    • There will be a $35 service charge either way.
    • There is no service charge for using the on-device account activation.
    • Oddly enough it seems that you must have wifi to activiate the account. Which seems strange to me.


    Of course I got home and tried to use wifi to acivate my account. And now I've got "Invalid Sim card."

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    As I said Verizon does offer a prepaid plan! I have two of them at this time. I prepay with my debit card and buy the data plan that suits my needs. I have had a prepaid plan since I bought the IPad 2 in March 2011. The plan that you purchase automatically renews each month unless you cancel it before the end of the 30 days.

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    Call VZW customer service and tell them to refund your $35 fee. Ask them to convert you to a prepaid account and you will be able to manage your data from your iPad. You may need to get a new SIM card if they did an in-store activation.

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    Yup. Need a new sim card. But the VZ store doesn't have the tool to pop it out or anyway to get me a new sim. So now I'm in the monster line at the Apple store. Maybe they can help.

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    Be careful at BB they will try to sign you up for a postpaid plan because they receive a commission. A small paper clip should open the SIM card tray. Please be careful because I have never done this before! Try at your own risk.


    Ask a VZW CS supervisor to call your VZW store to give you a new SIM card since they mislead you from the beginning.


    All the best.