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I just got the new iPad (3rd gen) and I'm about to lose my mind. I'm trying to sync it with iTunes (ver 10.6 and Windows 7) and my songs won't stay on the iPad. Neither will the album artwork. I originally had it on auto sync, but that put it in a continual sync cycle. It wouldn't stop syncing. So then I set it to manual sync and I can get songs on the iPad, but they won't stay there. They'll disappear while the iPad is still plugged in. I'll be looking right at the iPad, and one second the songs are there, the next, a whole bunch have disappeared (not ALL songs disappear). It seems that mostly songs that I have in my playlist disappear (but again, not ALL of them disappear!) All of the songs appear as if they're on the iPad because they'll show up on my computer (under Devices), but if I look at my iPad they're not there (and neither is the artwork, even though I checked off "download album artwork"). I also have all songs checked, so they should all be syncing but they're not. I just ran a diagnostics through iTunes and all tests were passed. For the past two days I've tried every combination of checking and unchecking different options. This was NEVER this difficult when I had my iPod! Someone help before I chuck this thing out the window!!!!!!

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, Windows 7
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    That should not be happening and it sure sounds as though you are doing what you should be doing so before you chuck the thing out the window .... give me your address and enough time to get to where you live and I will stand outside your window and catch the iPad on the way down .... or you can try this.


    Start all over again. Quit iTunes, restart your computer and restart the iPad. See if that makes a difference.


    Restart the iPad by holding down on the sleep button until the red slider appears and then slide to shut off. To power up hold the sleep button until the Apple logo appears and let go of the button.


    Another thing to try is to unsync all music - uncheck the sync music headng and sync with iTunes to remove all of it - then check the heading again and sync and see if that works.

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    Did you try to go back to sync using iTunes instead of manually dragging the songs to your device?

    Start by selecting one album only in the music pane. If this works, add more music.

    Also make sure all music is available by consolidating your library:

    iTunes 10 for Windows: Consolidate your iTunes library


    iTunes 10 for Windows: Manage content manually on a device


    Syncing music to iPod or iPhone

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    Thanks for your help, but none of that worked

    When the sync starts, the album artwork starts appearing on the iPad, all the songs start showing up in my playlist folders in iTunes under "Device", and the playlist folders on the iPad show the correct number of songs. After the sync ends, all of a sudden, the album artwork and songs disappear. All I did was click on "Music" under "Devices (iPad) and POOF! All of the album artwork disappeared along with a bunch of songs.

    Songs are in the playlist folders in iTunes under Devices, but they're gone from the iPad.

    Is there a tech support number for iTunes by any chance?

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    No go

    Well, at least I know how to shut down the iPad now though

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    Ann_C wrote:


    All I did was click on "Music" under "Devices (iPad) and POOF! All of the album artwork disappeared along with a bunch of songs.

    I'm not sure why are you clicking on Music under the iPad - under the Devices heading. you should click on the Music Tab in Tunes to see what music is checked to sync to the iPad. You need not fool with anything under the iPad's name at all when you sync. You do all configuring in the iTunes window on the right.


    Sync Music.jpg

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    I was only clicking on "Music" under Devices to see if the songs had synced.

    Why are you suggesting that I only sync "seclected playlists..." instead of my whole library? I tried it anyway to see if it would work, and the same exact thing happened. All the songs in that playlist synced to in iTunes under Devices, but not to the iPad.

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    No - I'm not suggesting that you select only selected songs ... that is just a screenshot of what my iTunes window looks like. I'm sorry - I was only using that as an illustration and I did not make that clear to you.


    You stated above that when you clicked on Music under devices that a bunch of stuff disappeared and I was suggesting to not do that - just in case that was causing some issue when you were trying to sync - that's all.


    You asked in an earlier post for a phone number. You can find it here. You are entitled to 90 days of free phone support when you purchase the iPad so maybe you can get some help here ...



    Just curious - did you try unsyncing all music, quit iTunes, restart the computer and the iPad and then try syncing all of the music again?

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    Yes, I unsynced everything, shut down iPad, restarted computer, resynched... same issue. I'll call support and hopefully they can help me fix it.