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On my new iPad, when I turn on private browsing, it doesn't work. When I exit Safari and return to it, my tabs are still open. I've tried turning Private Browsing on nd off and restting y iPad but neither helped. Do you know why this could be happening? It was fine on my old iPad. Thanks.

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    When you turn private browsing off - you get the option to Close All Tabs or Keep All tabs open - did you select Close All?

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    Sorry, didn't mean to hit "solved my problem."


    Yes, I selected close all Tabs, which it did. But later when I opened a tab, closed out of Safari and reopened it, the new tab was open.

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    I'm not sure what you are saying in your last post actually.


    I'm not sure what is going on then. It works for me as expected. When I select "Close All" it closes all of the open tabs from the private session that just ended. My Safari opens to a blank white page with an untitled tab.


    Have you tried closing Safari completely, restart the iPad and then try again? Or have you tried resetting the iPad?


    Go to the home screen first by tapping the home button. Quit/close open apps by double tapping the home button and the task bar will appear with all of you recent/open apps displayed at the bottom. Tap and hold down on any app icon until it begins to wiggle. Tap the minus sign in the upper left corner to close the apps. Restart the iPad. Restart the iPad by holding down on the sleep button until the red slider appears and then slide to shut off. To power up hold the sleep button until the Apple logo appears and let go of the button.


    Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons.

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    I did all that. The open tab does clse when I turn off/ on private browsing. It's the next session with Safari that keeps the tabs open, although private browsing is on. I've closed out of all apps and also have reset.

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    OK. Now I understand. I think what you have to do - and this is how it works for me - is to turn off private browings and then close all tabs every time you stop using Safari or those tabs will stay open.


    Even if you quit Safari completely - while Private Browsing is turned on - when you launch Safari again - those tabs will still be open. You have to turn off Private browsing and close all tabs in the settings.


    As far as I know, private browsing prevents recording of history, caches, and log in items but open tabs will still be open unless you turn off private browsing and then close the tabs.

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    I thought, with my previos iPad, Privat Browing closed the tabs when I closed out of Safari. I guess I was wrong. It wuld be nice if it did.