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My wife recently upgraded to the iPhone 4s.  I still have the iPhone 4.  We both sync via the same iTunes account.


My problem is that the videos my wife takes on her iPhone 4s cannot be synced via iTunes to my iPhone 4.  I suppose this is because hers are shot at 1080p while my phone can only handle 720p.  Is there away to have iTunes or Aperture downsample in the background as necessary to get these videos onto my phone? 


I know I could export them and use something like Handbrake to down sample and then reimport them, but that is a lot of effort and not at all "apple-like."


Thanks for the help.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
  • randers4 Level 9 (62,715 points)

    Don't know if this would work or not, but you could try clicking on the video in iTunes and choosing Advanced>Create iPod or iPhone Version.  If it creates a new version, try syncing this to your iPhone 4.

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    Thank you.  I suspect that probably would work.  The videos, however, are not in iTunes, they are in Aperture.  Personally, I keep personal media in Aperture and purchased material in iTunes.  I would prefer to not migrate these videos over.  Not to mention, it would involve at least a couple of extra steps. 


    Again, thanks for the help.  It just astonishes me that Apple does not complete a conversion in the background while syncing.  Clearly iTunes has the capability, and it knows the video was shot on an iPhone 4S and is being moved to an iPhone 4. 

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    You're welcome.  Another thing you might try is to just sync the video to your iPhone 4 wirelessly using an app like PhotoSync.  If it's really failing because of being 1080p then it probably won't work but if it's something else, this will circumvent the syncing process and it might transfer successfully.