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My status light isnt turning on when i plug the airport express into the outlet.  however, in the line out port, a red light turns on for a split second when i plug it in.  why isnt my status light turning on?

Airport Express
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    Is it working?


    According to Apple, a status light that does not illuminate indicates no power, or that the Express has failed.

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    The outlet definitely works... other electrical items work in the outlet.


    Another red light in the "line out port" fires on for a second when it is plugged in.  Is there a way to reset it or should I take it into an apple store and have them diagnose it?

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    Sorry, I meant to ask if the Express is working, aside from the LED not working.


    IF its power supply has failed, it is possible you may see a brief flash from the optical port or even the status light. Of course, if the Express is otherwise working the LED itself may have failed, but most likely the entire thing is NG.


    I would try a "hard reset", perhaps multiple hard resets, before conclusively determining it's really dead. It is unlikely Apple could do anything different.


    Read the procedure and make sure you're doing it right: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3728