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New to the Apple world!  I currently showing that I have 2 pending updates.  When I try to update I am asked to create an account and provide a credit card. Is this correct or Am I doing something wrong? Why would I need to provide creidt card info for a free update?  Thanks in advance.

MacBook Pro
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    Updates should be free for any applicatio you have purchases.


    This is what "software updates" likes like for me ...


    Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 2.02.55 AM.png


    What does yours look like (press shift+command+4 and use the cursor to select the creen section for capture, then press the camera icon in a response window, browse to the captured image, "Insert Image")?

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    Updates are free for minor updates - say from version 3.1 to version 3.2; but you will have to pay for major new releases (where the main version number before the decimal point changes).


    Did you buy your software from the App Store? Then you need to login with exactly the same Apple ID account you used to buy your software originally. You only should be asked for your credit card if you create a new Apple ID, but if you buy with a new Apple ID to download software you will be charged again.

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    I just bought my mac 2 days ago. Have not purchased anything. I have a message in task bar (bottom of screen) re: updating. I am not on my laptop at the moment so working from memory. Updates are for programs preinstalled.  Can I ignore these and if so..how do I remove them.

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    Updates are for programs preinstalled.  Can I ignore these and if so..how do I remove them.


    On no account should you ignore updates for preinstalled software. The preinstalled versions may be older versions that need security bug fixes. At least look at the updates (in the panel that Steve posted is a "Show Detail" button displayed) to see if it contains security bug fixes and for whom it is recommended.


    Since it is preinstalled Software the update will have to be downloaded from the App Store. In the App Store you will have to click the icon of the App to see the description.


    If it is your first contact to the App Store you will have to sign in and to create an Apple ID, and this requires a Credit Card, even if you do not buy anything; but you cannot create an App Store Apple ID without proving that you will be able to pay. Your Credit Card will only be used, if you actually buy anything.




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    If you just bought your laptop then the Lion OS and the iLife apps that were pre-installed need to  be connected to the machine and your Apple ID.


    As Léonie wrote you need the credit car to make the account. Once that is done your software will be linked to your account and when you go to the App Store they will show up as purchased.


    At that point you can get any updates and you will also be able to re-download the Apps and Lion at anytime for no additional charge.

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    Yaqui --


    There are different kinds of updates. 


    1.  Updates for your installed Apple applications, and those specific to your printer, or third-party apps, which are all free, and need no credit card.  They come to you through Software Update usually.  These updates are considered important to the smooth running of your Mac.


    2.  Updates for your App Store purchases, through your Apple ID.  This same process works for iTunes purchases, and other Mac purchases made easy for you through 1 Apple ID and the set up of your credit card.

    All these updates would be considered "extra." 


    I hope this helps.

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    I may have made an error is posting my original question.  Let me clarify.  There are two updates showing in my App Store Icon. One is for GarageBand, and the other is for Iphotos.  When I try to "update all" I am asked to enter my apple id  and password. Then i'm asked to accept or decline.  If I accept, then it takes me to terms and conditions. I don't want to do this. I just want to update.


    what am I doing wrong??

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    if this is a new mac that came with Lion and iLife pre-installed then the first time you go to the App Store you eed to connect the computer your Apple ID and the programs. This is how it is now. If you want the updates you  need to do this.



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    You are doing nothing wrong. You are getting the message to agree to the terms and conditions again because they have been changed or updated since the last time you have downloaded a purchase or update. If you want to update your software, you will have to agree with the new T&Cs. Once you have agreed, you can then update your software.