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Has anyone managed to sync their Sony MW600 Bluetooth to the new iPad (3)?

I had mine synced to my iPad 2 with no issues, but even after deleting the profile from my iPad 2 (Forget this device) the iPad (3) does not recognize it.

the iPad (3) does recognize other bluetooth devices however, just not the Sony.

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    Solution: had to also reset the MW600 to factory presets:


    Reset the MW600 headset if it behaves unexpectedly. Resetting the headset removes all information

    about paired devices.


    To reset the headset

    1 Make sure the headset is turned off.

    2 Press and hold down POWERmw600 resetuntil the pairing indication appears.

    3 Simultaneously press and hold down POWER mw600 resetand CALLmw600 resetbutton until the headset turns off.