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Hi There,


Following on from my recent post regarding the new apple wired keyboard after very helpful feedback from people who responded to my post I decided to take the leap and purchase it!  Good news is that I am really happy with it and am glad that I got it!  Much nicer then old apple keyboard that I was using. 


I also downloaded spark v. 2.1.1 which has enabled me to change the functions of Fkeys to enable to play, pause, etc... in itunes in accordance with the keyboard layout. However, there are two functions that I am having difficulty assigning which are the F1 and F2 keys which allow the decrease and increase of screen brightness.  Does anyone know how to do this? So that I can control my screen brightness using these keys.


Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated


Thanks in advance.

G4 POWERMAC (1.25GHZ), Mac OS X (10.3.9)