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I think a recent software update knocked out my previews? If I make an adjustment within Aperture, my preview refreshes/updates/shows me the change. If I open an image in Photoshop and save it, Aperture won't update the Preview. It worked a few days ago, and now it doesn't. The library is set to generate 1280 pixel Previews. If I close Aperture and reopen, the Preview is correct. If I hit P (Quick Preview), nothing changes. I know the "correct" image is being saved since I can close Aperture and reopen and it's there and I can also simply re-open the image in Photoshop and the correct image is there... I just can't get Aperture to show it to me?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 16GB Ram
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    Mike, you are not alone, see this thread: saving from photoshop


    Do you also see that multiple edits in Photoshop always apply to the wrong, previous master image file?




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    Not having a multiple edit issue. But I can't nail down the the issue. Sometimes it works. Most of the time it doesn't. I did do the zoom in trick and that does show you the correct file, but when I stop zooming, the incorrect file preview is displayed again. The issue alone is frustrating. The inconsistnecy even more so. I am using dual monitors and the displays are even inconsisntent. If I toggle the views by hitting v, sometimes the primary display will show the correct preview in the full screen viewer mode (both screens), but not in the split screen with the thumbnails along the bottom (both the larger image and the 2nd monitor dispaly the wrong preview). If I hit F for full screen mode, the thumbnail on the primary viewer is OK, but the 2nd display (large image) is still incorrect. If I hit v to go to full screen image on the primary display, the correct preview is shown... but still not on the 2nd display. That's right: one big image on one screen is correct, smae image on the other screen isn't.




    I did submit a bug report

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    If you resize the image a bit (make the Viewer or Split View window a little taller) or if you check one of the adjustment bricks in the Adjustments tab in the Inspector (toggle the Enhance brick on and off), I think you'll see the Preview update without having to quit Aperture.

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    Toggling an adjustment does "force" update the preview. Thanks for that! Now lets hope this gets fixed!