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  • Tubalcain7358 Level 1 (0 points)

    Device swapped last Friday, another DLXH serial number. So far it's been ok on 3G, albeit a bit slow however O2 were doing some maintenance this weekend so we will see.


    I am currently writing this from a 2G cell so we see how the transition goes later

  • veyush Level 1 (0 points)

    How can we solve this issue? Has anyone received any feedback from Apple? I live in Turkey and have the new Ipad since 10days. I just had this cellular connection issue fırst time today. wireless to cellullar change doesnt work. The network provider name is there with full reception showing 'AVEA and full five bars; but neither EDGE nor 3G doesnt appear and when I try to connect to safari for eg it says no internet connection.

    Did I buy a faulty device? Should I return it?

    I can cry I am so dissapointed to have issues at such an early stage.

    Iphone is a much better device than Ipad.

    Also my new Ipad has charging issues. with the same charging device it someties does sometimes says 'not charging.'

    I use that same charging device to charge my Iphone4 without a problem every day


    Please helpppp.... :(:(:(:(

  • jodyfanning Level 1 (0 points)

    The problem many others had was that the 3G symbol was visible, but there was still no connection. In your case you said there wasn't any symbol at all, so it might be a slightly different problem.


    Also the iPad needs more power from the charger than the iPhone 4 does, so your charger might be right on the border line. Use the one that came with the iPad.

  • Tubalcain7358 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with Jodyfanning, use the charger with the iPad that came with it. I am assuming you have taken the IOS 5.1.1 update which seems to have solved the issue for most. However keep an eye on this forum for any other ideas.


    I have been in contact with Apple and I have to say they have been very good after they had admitted the 2G/3G prob and issued an update via IOS 5.1.1


    I ended up getting a replacement device last Friday and all seems ok so far. I have transitioned through all connection modes over the last couple of days.


    If it changes I will update but for now all is well



  • Tubalcain7358 Level 1 (0 points)

    Also to add a stupid question, have you checked you have the correct apn settings for your cellular provider. Sorry if it's a muppet question!

  • [Dri Level 1 (0 points)

    veyush wrote:


    Also my new Ipad has charging issues. with the same charging device it someties does sometimes says 'not charging.'

    I use that same charging device to charge my Iphone4 without a problem every day


    Please helpppp.... :(:(:(:(


    veyush, the iPad says "not charging" when it's connected to an usb port, or when you use a charger different than the original one. It needs to be connected directly to the electricity with the original charger (iPhone ones work, too). Anyway, even if it shows the message "not charging" it is actually charging, but at a slower rate. If you turn off the display and leave it for a few hours it will be charged even with the "not charging" message.

  • [Dri Level 1 (0 points)

    I received my replaced iPad this morning.


    Old one was DLXH******** . New one is DL9H********


    I applied 5.1.1 update and tested the same carrier that was failing before.


    It worked properly.


    Because of my job I must be on constant move through Madrid, during the day, rapidly using trains and buses and driving a lot. That means a lot of different cell towers, with different cobertures and services, on swift shift.


    The iPad scared me a few times. For about 30 or 60 seconds it sometimes seems to repeat the problem -- lot of coverage bars, 3G symbol, but apps fail to connect to the Internet.


    And then it recovers functionality and works. Alone, on its own. Without any kind of input. Without reseting, disabling or restoring settings. Without even touching the "cellular data" on/off button. It just finds the signal again and the Internets are accessible.


    Being that said, I think it has problems changing 2G/3G, or changing towers, or something. Because it takes its time.


    But it works. So far so good.

  • macwi Level 1 (0 points)

    On 3G Fido the same problem .Where is service of Apple ???

  • royalsiamese Level 1 (0 points)

    @veyush, have you tried upgrading to the latest iOS5.1.1? Most of the us here have our problems resolved with the upgrade.


    On your question on "not charging", it stops charging when it is full or near full. This is to save the battery charge cycles. It is only a problem if you are seeing this message when your battery is not full. I am not sure of the percentage but I think it will not charge anything that is 98% and above.

  • camperdav Level 1 (10 points)

    I'm also having this problem very frustrating. The only solution I have seen so far is turn off cellular and then back on again.

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 (195 points)

    Is your OS up to date?


    If yes, have you been to your carrier for help? They might need to replace your sim card.


    Have you been to apple or third party apple stores for help?


    What country are you in?


    I suppose you could try doing a restore to the latest os... it is reversible. back up your ipad, transfer purchases (both can be done by right-clicking ipad in the sidebar).

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    I am with SingTel Data plan and I just updated my new iPad to OS 5.1.1 (9B206) but the problem reminds the same as previous OS.  It just going in the loop from full bar 3G signal and slowly drop to GSM to searching and then no service. Waited for few seconds and it comes back to the 3G, GSM, searching and no service in a loop again.  Total disappointment with the Apple new iPad OS. Anyone can help?

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    Hi guys, just wish to clarify something..


    The 2G/3G issue that the new iOS update is patching is as such:

    - your iPad is showing 3G signal of at least 2 bars stably, but you'll still be shown an error message that's says it cannot "activate cellular data".

    - your iPad is showing 3G signal of at least 2 bars stably, but you still cannot surf the internet on your ipad (you can try going to to see if there's any Internet connection on your iPad


    Note that one consistent factor in all these issues is when your iPad is obviously showing decent and stable 3G signal but yet wouldn't allow you to connect to cellular data or surf the Internet. And this issue will only occur after your iPad had moved from an area with 3G coverage into an area with no 3G coverage, and then re-emerge into an area with 3G coverage.


    If you noted your iPad's signal strength fluctuating for no reason, then the issue might lie more with your carrier. Try resetting the Network settings in your iOS settings.


    Personally, I'm using the launch batch of iPad 3. Initially I'm facing the same issue, but after updating to the latest iOS, I'm no longer facing the 3G issue. Do note that I update to the latest iOS via iPad natively, not via iTunes.


    Also, I'm using Singtel on my iPad, and StarHub on my iPhone. I can say that SingTel has a much much poorer 3G coverage than StarHub, which might explain why those on StarHub iOS 5.1 don't face the 3G issue as they don't transit between 3G/2G that often. For those who have updated to iOS 5.1.1 and are using Singtel, try resetting network settings. If not, try recovering your iPad via iTunes. If still got issues, maybe it's simply you don't have sufficient 3G SingTel coverage at your area, just like me.

  • Kidon0 Level 1 (0 points)



    I am a Singtel user and I am sick of its shoddy 3G service. Allow me to give you a few tips to rectify the problem.


    1. Airplane mode On, then Off is the fastest fix I know. Takes 5 secs.


    2. Immediately email them demanding a replacement multi-SIM, at NO additional cost to you. You may or may not realize this, but a buttload of their SIMs are defective. I recommend changing SIMs as often as possible until you get a problem free one, or they designate you an engineer to tweak your connection. (I'm a *******, I know).


    3. When you first email them, just talk to them as 1-to-1. When they reply to you in an unsatisfactory manner, (I said when, not IF, because they will definitely reply in a stupid way), include in the CC. I promise you, they will escalate you to Singtel's internal customer service instead of the usual outsourced morons. Singtel is terrified of IDA, who is the regulator for all of Singapore's telcos.


    4. If you want to raise an even bigger ruckus, make a post about Singtel here:'s like watching cockroaches panic.

  • ToileTmaster Level 1 (0 points)



    Your solution is indeed a ******* one, but then without showing intense displeasure, some telecom would take us for granted. SingTel's 3G coverage might be worse than StarHub's, but at least their 3G speed is better than StarHub (if you can receive the signal in the first place). Also, their customer service is better than StarHub's. I'll give your methods a try first. Thank you.


    And to the rest who might misinterpreted the situation, I would like to clarify that previously with iOS 5.1, my iPad might display that I have 3G signal but I still wouldn't be able to connect to cellular data (surf net, that is).But now, upon upgrading to iOS 5.1.1, my iPad can connect to cellular data as long as I have 3G signal.


    My current situation is at home, I don't even have any SingTel 3G signal in the first place. And I attribute this issue down to carrier issue. Other than that, there's no other issues with my iPad.

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