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    I've got the new iPad 3rd generation w/AT&T. I'm experiencing constant loss of cellular signal. I do not have this issue with any of my iPad 2's or iPad 1. My iPhone works fine. It is just the iPad 3. I get no help from AT&T. Everyone just wants to point fingers and it leaves me with an expensive paperweight.


    This issue has been going on for MONTHS!! Somebody get with the program. APPLE- You have a REAL problem. It occurs with both carriers. Show some initiative and fix it instead of selling more defective units and causing issues among your loyal customer base.

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    Update.   I installed a Wilson multi frequency Inside and outside yogi antenna along with a Wilson soho signal booster and it took my inside signal from 1 to 3 and my downloads are now over 2 mps . Problem solved.

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    FazerWiz et al,


    Well guess what!!! After blissfully using the Three network in the UK (its the one with no 2G cells) for three months, I swopped in my Vodafone sim for a while and within a day I got a reoccurence of the 2G/3G switching problem.


    This is my second device, both serial numbers start with DLXH so I am going for a swap out on the device ASAP in the hope that Apple have now resolved the issue.


    I am really p'd off, as I dont expect to spend top end money and have to replace the device twice.


    Here's hoping, will post any developments

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    I've been losing cellular connection for about two weeks. At first I could remove/install the sim card and it would start working, now nothing will bring the cellular network back. I have a small o to the right of "verizon" in the top left corner and in the top right I have a pic of a lock with a clockwise circlearrow around it to the left of the battery %. Two days ago I spent 1 1/2 hrs. at the Verizon store watching a tech trying to fix it to no avail. He installed two new sim cards, reset the network and reprovisioned the cellular accout numerous times, and himself spent the last 1/2 hr. on the phone with corporate techs. In the end he told me it was Apple's problem, and that I should take it to the nearest Apple Store(80 mi.). Monday I will make the trip the Apple Store and hopefully a "genious" will be able to help.

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    The isse of cellural connection was viral in Europe when the new iPad first came out. It got fixed because Apple and the providers worked it out together. No one was helped by a new SIM card or a new iPad. It was an issue with the software routing that covers the switch from one tower to the next (think: I'm travelling). Keep hollaring at Apple AND AT&T etc, it's your only chance. PS Over here, we're happy now!

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    I lose cellular connection every time i get on wifi. I've done TWO restores since I got the iPad 3 last Thursday. One right out of the box.  If I can't get cellular service restored tonight, i'm returning my iPad. I'm not re-laoding all of my vodeos and music and comics AGAIN.

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    Ok, so got a replaced device, serial starts with DKHV. Same issues on Vodafone sim card. As I have a cut down non-expiry version I dont want to request a new sim from Vodafone as I also use it in my netbook in the orig sim card surround. So for the purposes of elimination I have ordered a new payg micro sim for Ipad just to see if a new sim card makes any difference.


    Otherwise it looks like I stay on Three for ever

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    I've had the new iPad for 4 month. I've had zero problems, until a couple days ago. I'm a touring musician so I pretty much live by this thing. Traveling is what I do and I've been loving this iPad until I started to lose my conection about every five minute. I don't know if it has anything to do with the area im in these days(Boston) cause its been flawless until now. Either way, it's complete BS and I'm real tired of this. I'm a loyal Mac user and own almost $9000 worth of their products. I''ve tried all the Internet quick fixes to no avail. I'll be hitting the apple store on monday and I hope they can fix it or replace it. This make me simply crazy. Apple is a too expensive product to have bs like this going on without looking into it ASAP with a fix and explanation.

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    Four bars of 4G on iPhone 4S, 1-2 on new iPad! JOKE!

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    I've had my new IPAD since June this year and it's been loosing 3G signal every time it goes to sleep. The only way to resolve it is to turn off cellular data, wait a few seconds, then turn it ack on. I'm in the UK and use Vodafone 3G. Used the same sim in my IPAD 1 for 18 months, never had a problem!

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    WOW!!!  Am I glad I read this!  My 3rd Generation iPad kept dropping it's data connection after 30 seconds.  I turned off LTE and that solved the problem!!  Interesting, Apple Reps at the Apple Store didn't know about this and the AT&T people didn't know about this!  I am SOOOO HAPPY now that it's working like my wife's iPad2, only FASTER! 

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    WORLD -- TURN OFF LTE!!!  Then Your iPad3 will hold it's data connection!!!  It works!!!

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    Hello everyone. I am from Brazil. Just bought a New Ipad (iPad 3), with WiFi and 4G. We don't have LTE here, so obviously the iPad will only work on 3G when using "Cellular Data".  I keep WiFi and Cellular Data both on, because I have WiFi at home and at work. The problem is that, sometimes, when WiFi signal is not available, the iPad fails to "engage" the cellular data connection, even with the signal bar at maximum.


    I have read the previous posts, and the proposed solution "disable LTE" doesn't work for me, because my iPad doesn't show this option (I have no clue why the option is not available).


    The only workaround I found so far is to open "Settings", disable "Cellular Data", close "Settings" (by "killing" it after minimizing), reopen "Settings", and the renable "Cellular Data".


    After that the iPad is able to engage the cellular data conection, but the problem always return eventually.


    I wonder if there is anyone here on the forum from Brazil. Support here is very poor, and if the problem was not solved in US yet, I wonder when it will be solved here in Brazil.

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    Adding another worthless iPad 3 to the list.


    Verizon wireless customer, worked fine until a few weeks ago. Wondering if it's tied to the recent iOS 6 update, as they were both around the same time. Most of the time my iPad just says "Searching..." and never finds a signal, while my iPhone 4 has 3-4 bars.


    In the car, LTE works sometimes in major metro areas, but the signal doesn't last very long. Usually by the time I realize it found a signal and I go to click refresh on a website, the signal drops from 4 bars down to 0 bars. Tried hard-resets, power downs, LTE on off, wifi on, off, bluetooth, restore... nothing works so far.


    Serial number starts with DMPH. Verizon version 13.0, PRL 15145, model MC756LL. Modem firmware 2.0.02.



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    I have the same problem, but only in areas that do not have LTE.  In an LTE area I have a great connection with speeds 30-40mb/sec.

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