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    I've started experiencing the problem since there was an IOS6.1.2 update that was installed.  I am in Australia, have good mobile coverage yet can't get a 3g signal on my ipad in a major capital city.  It keeps dropping out and before seeing this post, I had rasied a new question regarding it.  APPLE need to fix it.  I am not getting what I paid for and its frustrating and unfair!

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    Same problem in the Netherlands in Europe. No 3g connection at all. Not even after rebooting. Before ios6 rebooting worked for a while. Is it a matter of returning the ipad to Apple or waiting for more software updates?

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    Well.. Waiting for several months for a simple solution, I went all the way down throught this discution and could find any Apple answer since, let's said, 2 years? Posting came front all around the world..

    I wonder if any Apple agent is looking at this and if they care about it. As an Apple user since its firts ipod version, I found that an "I dont care, do what ever you want a do" answer is a patter for this technology "leader". The big apple manufacturer and its executives forget that users make them what they are nowadays. Iphone anntena, software bugs and unexplained behaivors are too frecuent.  do they want us to become conforttable with that? And lets be honest, since v2.x IOS does not bring a true innovation for industry. I know, there are a lot of fans out there that will get in the front line for Apple defense, but I'm sure that there are a similar user number that are getting tired of deal with this. in my case I seriously already started to evaluate another table and phone options because nobody else will chain me to a nice looking product without support or reliable users connection that show a little respect for us. Not in the modern times.

    I beg for a licence about the grammar. And all my respect for others thinking in different way.

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    @ssabre: Never mind the grammar! The message spoke from the hearts of many of us. Thanks!

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    I found lots of discussions/thread about wifi or connection issues after upgrading to 6.1.2 and with this i think Apple really needs to see this one and fix it ASAP

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    I've tried hard resets, turning flight mode on and off and all manner of fix yet nothing works.   Mine is the new ipad. If Apple ever look at these forums, TAKE NOTE!! I am looking at other tablets a quarter of the price, with expandable memory, no ties to iTunes and no 3G problems and they are looking very attractive. The hype and quality that Apple believe they offer is just not there and I will be going elsewhere next time I upgrade.  Really not good enough Apple!!

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    It's comforting to know I am not alone.  I have had my iPad 3 for months and have always been able to get 4G LTE from work since I bought it new and right after release.  Now after the latest update I can no longer hold 4G even though I have 3 bars which is stronger than what I had before and it would hold 4G


    If I turn off and then back on my iPad it will connect 4G and have 3 bars, but after a minute, it reverts back to 3G. Extremely frustrating and upsetting. 


    Let's go Apple, fix it or let us roll back our IOS

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    My carrier gave me a new sim card, and the world was all suddenly right.  (

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    I wrote a post related to loosing 3g cellular signal in my new Ipad.. i went to a customer services here in Panama and no one could help me even no one could say anything about it.... I left using my galaxy tab and i bougth an new Ipad beacause I really want better hardware and software and i knew i had to pay for it, but what am i obtaining ? Apple's indiference? If apple continue  doing this will lose a lot of customers..   Please attend to  us your customers...

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    Dear all,


    I'm sorry to see that most people still have problems, but the 3G connection problems on my iPad 3 got fixed after first iOS 6 update. I can't tell about LTE, because it isn't available here in Brasil.


    These LTE problems may be the reason why Apple launched the iPad 4 so fast after iPad 3...

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    BTW, I didn't notice any problems after the 6.1.2 updated, but I have not yet made heavy use of 3G after this last update.

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    I have the 4th Generation iPad and have been experiencing the same problem with LTE.  It is "on again/off again" constantly even if I have a very strong signal showing.  Because this happens on a random basis, I think it is a matter of too many people trying to get a signal and overloading AT&T's servers and NOT an iPad problem at all.  AT&T is the problem - they may have "LTE" but they are still not structurally set up to deal with all the traffic.  They better be working to fix this problem or I WILL dump their "service"..!

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    Wow so many threats, I'm not sure if that's really the best path to resolving an issue.  I have an iPad 4 with ios 6.1.2 using AT&T, no problems at all with 3G or LTE. With LTE have 30 mb/s download and 20 mb/s upload.

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    I have to agree with you Ozarkarts. I experienced the problem the first couple of weeks of ownership of the iPad3 and it was only with the LTE. I am in Boston and LTE was still being rolled out in the area. A month or so later, I no longer had the problem of inconsistency.


    But now, I do have a problem between 8:30 and 9:00 in the AM. Usually it drops and I have to reconnect. After about 9:30 or so, the LTE connection is fine. So I chalk it up to the all the LTE traffic that the AT&T towers cannot handle. It's an AT&T problem, not an iPad problem for me.

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    "Threats"????  I work in a highrise building in the middle of downtown Dallas and my LTE signal strenth is usually 3 - 5 bars.  EVERY DAY I cannot get the internet to work because I keep getting server/network errors.  This happens more times than not during the entire day.  So far this morning I have NOT even been able to get online a single time at all.  This is obviously a SERVICE ISSUE!  If I cannot get the service that I PAY for I will drop the service - that is not a "threat" but a promise.  If your cable or satellite service didn't work would you keep paying for it or drop it and get something else?  Paying for a "service" that doesn't work is just plain stupid and it is common sense to drop it rather than to keep paying for it.  This is an "issue" that ONLY AT&T can "resolve" - NOT the paying users of the system.