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    If my cable or satellite service did not work? I would contact them to resolve the issue, if they did not resolve the issue in an reasonable time, I would cancel the service. I would NOT make threats in a forum that AT&T never reads. Whats the point in doing so other then to possibly slander the company when we don't even know what the root cause of problem is.

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    What Texas.Stargazer said. It's definitely an ATT issue. Had the same problem in the St. Louis area with the initial LTE rollout and is now fine since the have done some sort of network improvements. If you know it's att's issue you need to call att or go to their forums. The only other thing I could suggest is a new SIM card, I've heard some people have resolved the issue with that.

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    That's exactly what I said -- it is an AT&T issue if they do not resolve the problem I will cancel the service -- that's NOT a "threat" at all, but a statement.  I will say that when I turned off "LTE" I had good 4G service and that is fine by me.  I guess I am ignorant on the difference between LTE and 4G - I assumed they were one and the same, but they are not.  Right now, LTE obviously does not have the infrastructure to support many users where I am located, however, 4G will work fine for me... If LTE is a faster protocol hopefully AT&T will work out the issues in the future since I have read that eventually all 4G will convert to LTE...

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    I have just one question.  If ATT would have the problem why people that use iPhone 5 dont have the same loss signal problem?

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    I never had the same problems with my iPhone 5 as my iPad. But the "network upgrades" were done before I got an iPhone 5.

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    AdanPalma, I have the LTE problem (poor AT&T signal strength and drop outs at ceratin times of the day) on both my iPad 3 and my iPhone 5.

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    I've been searching for an answer to this issue since I noticed the LTE dropping and only maintaing 3G until I reset the LTE.  I have a Verizon iPad 3 (and an AT&T iPad 2) with the latest IOS. For those who is complaining that this is an AT&T issue, I, as one of the users with both carriers experiences, can definitely say it is not a carrier issue unique to AT&T.  I believe it's an IOS issue - Apple needs to address this ASAP.  In the past 4 weeks, I was in Hollywood, New York, Dallas, and Las Vegas for work. While my Verizon iPhone 5 maintained solid LTE connection, my Verizon iPad 3 constantly loses LTE connection and reverts to 3G.  At first, I thought it was a glitch on the hardware - and took it to an Apple store for help.  The genuis people couldn't figure out why it was constantly losing the LTE - so they gave a replacement unit.  The problem is still persistent...I hope, and pray, Apple address this soon and release a patch. 


    As a side note, I am not at all happy with Verizon iPhone 5 either...the voice quality is worse than when I had an AT&T iPhone 4S. People complain that my voice sounds muffled...the technicians at Apple couldn't figure out anything wrong with the device - so I'm blaming it on Verizon. I'm ready to switch back to AT&T, even if it means I have to pay the early termination fee. 

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    All you have proven is that this is an LTE issue that is not carrier-specific.


    Based on the other people who use carriers in other countries, have you tried swapping out your Verizon SIM Card? As of LTE, all carriers that support LTE use SIM Cards in their devices. Swapping out the SIM Card has fixed the problem for certain users in other countries, and may fix it here.


    I would go to the Verizon store to do the swap if possible. (corporate store, not franchise.)


    Updating the carrier settings may also help, but that's just a spaghetti on the wall suggestion.


    Does it happen while roaming primarily?


    There are Verizon forums and twitter feeds as well. Follow @VerizonWireless and tweet them for help.



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    Hi Sam - yes, I also visited the corporate Verizon store...with the replaced iPad 3, and they replaced the SIM card and reprovisioned...still the same issue.  Since I was getting solid LTE signal on my iPhone 5 right next to the iPad at the time, I have to assume that I was in VZW's LTE area - so roaming wasn't a factor.


    What is interesting is that I also have a Verizon MiFi 890L unit and used it right next to my iPhone 5 and iPad 3 as a test in 3 of the cities I visted recently - both iPhone 5 and the 890L unit maintained solid LTE connection, so I know that I was in an area where VZW's LTE is pretty solid.


    I don't believe it's an LTE issue - but an issue with IOS.

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    Same Issues and same devices with same results as sc2523.  iOS 6.1.2 on iPad 3 Verizon.  Constantly drops 4G LTE and prefers 3G.  On hard reset it reconnects with LTE then drops back to 3G.  This was not the case with prior iOS releases.  Has anyone tried factory reset all and starting with fresh load of iOS?

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    It looks like this issue is not solved. Since I upgraded my iPad 3 to IOS 6.xx I keep having my cellular connection  searching. Sometimes I succeed to have a connection that may last for 10 minutes and back to searching. Closing LTE did not change the issue neither changing the SIM card. I am with Bell Canada (I'm living in Canada). Before upgrading to IOS 6.0 It works fine and I could use it with other 3G/4G services providers like AT&T in New Hampshire. Is someone had a discussion with an Apple representative about his issue ?

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    To add at my previous comment, I switch my 4G SIM card (Bell Canada) in my iPad 3 to my old iPad 2 with IOS 6 that my wifw use. Surprisingly, it works fine and I received a very good signal. It looks like my iPad 3 need a visit to an Apple Store.

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    I have solved this issue completely.  I've decided that after so many issues with the 3G/4G signal dropping out on the ipad, I decided to test the network.  I went and bought a pocket wifi, used the same network sim from my ipad in the pocket wifi and I have not had a drop out since.  This proves to me that either the ipad cellular antenna is lacking or there is a definite hardware problem with the IOS6.  Apple keep denying it, and I've tried hard resets and even the Apple reset that reinstalls the whole firmware yet none of it fixed the problem....Apple's continued ignorance of this problem has led me to decide that I won't be buying another proud t from them including music and apps...arrogance and greediness lead to loss of clientele.

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    Thanks for your comment. I do consider to buy a pocket Wifi also. However, i'll bring my iPad to an Apple Center and see what is the effectiveness of the Apple Care insurance.

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    I have had a similar experience.  Have you found any fix?