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Sorry Im a total noob and missing the obvious , just set up an ipad that i got from my brother and synced etc etc set up my account first the app store was in dollers, managed to change that , Now it says my Apple ID is only valid in UK stores ???? im seriously baffled


Can someone please help???

iPad, iOS 5.1
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    Baffled about what ? An iTunes account can only be used where in the country's store where it is based - and in order to use a country's store you need to have a registered address in that country, be in that country at the time of purchasing content, and if using a credit card then that also needs to be registered in that country. Most content is licensed to Apple to sell on a country by country basis.

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    I'm having the same problem. Just received an iPad off my brother setup an apple ID and it was initially American.

    I've now sorted that and registered it correctly to u.k. Full address etc.

    However when trying to download apps, even free ones it tells me this apple i.d is only valid for use in the u.k store


    I'm in the u.k . . .


    Did you manage to sort it??

    Please let me know.


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    I'm having exactly the same problem - my iPhone is a UK one, all the apps on it (free or paid for) were downloaded/paid for in the UK yet when I try to update them it says "This Apple ID is only valid for use in the U.K. Store" and I can't seem to get beyond this and update my apps! Any ideas?

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    Having the same problem.


    New iPad 3 bought in the uk.

    Resident in the uk and using a standard uk ADSL supplier (so using a uk ip address).

    Apple I'd is registered as a uk account with my home address and credit card details for a uk account.

    I've signed out of the app store and logged back in - no change.

    I even signed out of the store via settings - no change.


    Each and every time I try and buy an app, I get the "...apple Id is only valid for use In the uk store"


    Any other suggestions out there?

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    It's working for me now. I'll run you through what I did and I hope it works for you.


    After getting the only available for uk MSG.

    I checked my details again and made sure they were a uk account


    After this I signed in and out of the app store


    I then turned off my iPad 2


    Turned it back on and tried to go the app store, having done this. It said this account is for uk app store you will now be redirected the uk app store. And from there it seemed to work


    Good luck

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    Just bought I pad today and I am having same problem. Just wondered if any one had found a solution yet . X

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    Butterfly, read jthe post immediately prior to yours.

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    Folks, ChewyBrown is correct. Log out of the iTunes store on your PC / Mac and close the App on your iPad or iPhone.


    Then close iTunes and re-open it. Log into your account and you should be diverted to the correct store. It should then remember the change and open the new country's store from now on.


    If you've changed country you'll notice that your purchased history is missing. You can re-download any previously purchased content as follows (quoted from an e-mail from iTunes support):


    You will need to "re-purchase" (for free) those apps from the App Store in the new country. You will not be charged when the item downloads. Also, if you re-download the apps from the store, you won't see outdated notifications anymore.