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I understand that Soundtrack Pro recognizes a stereo file that has been linked in FCP as two mono files when it imports it, but is there any way around this?  The production sound for this project I'm working on is in stereo, but was imported as single channel files for some odd reason.  Anyway, trying to make this work is driving me batty.  Please help.  Thank you.


I'm working with Soundtrack Pro 2 and FCP 6.

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    If nothing else, you could export the two tracks from FCP as AIFF 48/16 stereo then reimport them.


    Once back in FCP, substitute the stereo for the dual mono and away you go.


    or in STP,


    Pan the left channel full left and the right channel full right and have at it.



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    My mistake, but what I meant to articulate through my question was: is there a way to disable that feature in STP? 


    Your method works, yes, but you can see the obvious downside in efficiency.  In regard to panning, it's a similar problem, in that I have to make edits twice (in some cases), add effects twice, etc. 


    One would assume that if I link the bloody files in FCP, I **** well went them to stay that way...

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    While you like to think of the two files, once linked in FCP as a stereo pair, you captured dual mono and that is what the material is. FCP is a non-destructive editior. It will not change the original files - and that is what STP reads.


    The other way around this is to take the file offline in FCP then recapture it using the correct audio setting (stereo).


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