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I have a peculiar problem. I decided to move my iPhoto library to my external HDD, as my old trusty MacBook is going to my wife, but I don't want to put my personal photos (all 174Gb of them) on my new company owned MBP. The external HDD was the solution...or so I thought. I did this over the weekend, expecting NEW events to be listed under Events.

Not so, thus far. All of my new events, my almost 1600 photos I have taken for the new year, have been placed in Last Import. I see them, without problem there, but I want them in Events. I even did a further importation of photos, after the 1600 import, and everything is still listed under Last Import. I feel like I should have just started a new library and have the old one as archive or something. I am not happy, but I could be if I could find out how to move the Events under Last Import (because I manually sorted the photos and put them into different Events).

Please advise me what I could or should do. I feel like starting over with a new library altogether, which I would prefer not to do.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 4Gb RAM, 500GB HDD