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Anyone notice some random nonsense posts that have been popping up?


They usually contain some random unrelated story, (oil prices, something in Saudi Arabia, stuff like that), and then a bunch of links to TV episodes. These usually pop up once a week. A new user is created, four or five posts within a minute, then they're gone. It's usually in the iPod Shuffle forum.


So my questions are, has anyone noticed these, do you have any information or insight about them? Are the hosts doing anything to prevent the spamming (besides removing the posts, but they'll just keep coming back)?

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  • Zack T. Community Hosts Community Hosts (1,365 points)

    Yes, we're removing them and banning the user. Thank you for reporting the posts so we know. As long as you report one, we'll find the rest. We appreciate your cautious eyes. It really helps. Thanks!

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    You're welcome , and glad it's helping.

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    This is interesting because a post of mine was just deleted. I posted an honest question about Apple receiving incentives for locating in Austin Texas. I was looking for some good feedback for an article I am writing. Texas is in financial trouble and yet the governor and city insist on offering incentives to Apple. Apple just announced a $100 billion surplus (way to go!). I don't think they really need $21 million from the state. If they knew the political climate around here...Any way I hope this is not a nonsense post.

  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 Level 8 (38,870 points)

    You can probably find the appropriate contact here, http://apple.com/contact/, as these forums are for technical support questions. Hope that points you in the right direction

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    Specifically here is the number for you to call to get your no comment from Apple:

    • Apple Media Helpline
      (408) 974-2042


    I certainly hope this is an editorial piece you are writing.

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    Not a nonsense post, no, but these forums are for technical questions (as stated on the Terms of Use to which we all agreed) and not for questions or complaints about Apple policies or corporate strategy nor about the politics of corporate incentives. That's almost certainly why your thread was removed.