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Hello  my son just got the new iPad 3 for his birthday as a gift and I am totally foreign to this.  He is basically interested in playing online games along the lines of Mario brothers or sonic. I see that apple does not support adobe flash drive. Is there another program that could be installed because I see almost every game site I've checked for him can not be played? He's so disappointed that he can't play any of his favorite games. Can you also retun these they may be my only option? Ps I've viewed the app store and they don't have that big of a selection of what he's looking for.

Thank you

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    Adobe never managed to get a version of flash player that works on iOS and they've now stopped development on all mobile versions of it.


    Browser apps such as iSwifter, Puffin and Photon say that they 'work' with (some) flash-based games, whether they will work on the sites/games that you want to use I don't know.

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    Thank you very much you just made a 5 year old little boy very happy :)

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    If those kinds of browser apps don't support a specific site, another option is to use an app like Splashtop HD which will connect to a PC or Mac and allow you to browse flash websites on your iPad as if you were sitting at that PC or Mac. This requires software to be installed on that PC or Mac.

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    There are also a lot of games in the App Store that you could have a look at.

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    Dear all,i have installed my fifa 2013 and fun run on my IPAD and lot of games and apps but the last couple of weeks the online games in apple are *****,very very suck,view that the router is beside me and i am very close to my ISP(router)!before the latest update eveything was working fine and normal and enjoying the online but after that eveything are down;please apple support review this urgently in order to have fun as we had before!!!!!!!!!!