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    At the risk of sounding like I know nothing (because its true) what is MBA? My computer says there are no updates available, iTunes and my iPhone 5 are running at their most current available systems. I have still tried many times to open the settings for syncing my iPhone in iTunes, selecting "sync all calendars" and it has yet to work.


    I'm operating on OS-X 10.6.8 and it says that is the most current available to my computer. Apparently it can't "handle" anything beyond that, although there is plenty of memory left on it.


    Maybe I should swear at it some more? I'll try that.

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    MBA is MacBook Air.  


    I'm running OS X Version 10.9.3 and iTunes 11.2.2. (3). 


    On iTunes, after clicking your iphone (under DEVICES on the left panel), if you see the Info tab along the others (Summary, App, Tones...) at the top of the main panel, you can do local cync. 

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    This helped me also. Working the other way around whereby the iMac wouldn't transfer iCal entries into my new iPhone 5.

    Thanks. ;-)

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    Hi rorygilmore - thanks for this.  All I did in the end was steps 5 - 7 and my calendar magically reappeared with all of the updates on my iPhone.  Fingers crossed that any future updates will happen when the phone syncs, but if it doesn't I know that all I need to do is do the 'Advanced' option.

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    Oh my goodness after 3 days of reading forums and trying EVERYthing...rorygilmore your post was the solution

    Thank you SOOOOO much! I could just give you a virtual hug, thats how HAPPY i am!



    post from rorygilmore

    It took some time, but I found this and it worked! Whew.... This is such a common glitch you'd think Apple would have a fix for it by now. Anyway, here is what I found and it's all good now, hope it helps someone else. (Courtesy of this website: .html)


    "You'll know the syncing issue when you see it, because the new events you enter into the Calendar on your Apple iPhone will not appear in iCal. Said another way, you'll enter a new event into your iPhone, use iTunes to sync with your Mac (or MacBook in our case) and the new event on your iPhone will not show up in iCal. Keep trying, synch as you might, iCal and the Apple iPhone just won't get along.


    Here's the down and dirty fix:

    1. Open iCal and backup or export your entries. Make a note of the fie name and location, you're going to need them in a minute. Once your backup/export is completed, close the iCal application.
    2. Open Finder and remove everything inside the "Username/Library/Calendars" folder. For instance, if your username is "Joe", then move everything inside the "Joe/Library/Calendars" folder.
    3. Open the iSync application. It's located in the "/Applications/" folder. Once iSync is opened, go into the iSync Preferences (iSync -> Preferences) and push/click the "Reset Sync History" button. Then, close the iSync application.
    4. Re-Open the iCal application and Import (File -> Import) a new calendar. When prompted, use your notes from Step #1 to select the file your created earlier. Once completed, close the iCal application (you should have all of your calendar entries back.)
    5. Open the iTunes application and connect your Apple iPhone to the computer.
    6. Within the Advanced section of the Info tab for the Apple iPhone, check the box the overwrites/replaces the Calendar data on the Apple iPhone.
    7. Click the Apple/Sync button. New, modified and deleted entries should now be syncing correctly.

    That's it! You should be all set and iTunes, iCal and our Apple iPhone should all be playing nicely as friends again. We've used the exact method to repair our own Apple iPhone at least once... maybe even twice."

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    Tried this.  Unfortunately, when I got to step 6, I discovered that the "Advanced" window in my iTunes (v.11.4) only contains "replace information" check boxes for "Mail Accounts," "Bookmarks" and "Notes."

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