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    Thank you for this advice... Geezzz... What a pain to get to this point.  Guess Apple engineers forgot about ease of use and a UI that works!

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    thank you!!! although i jumped the gun and managed to delete most of my calendar entries on my iPhone... I figured out that my default calendar was my gmail account!? Anyway, thank you for the reminder about this simple setting!!

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    There is a reliable fix for the "unable to sync from iphone Calender to Mac Mountian Lion. In most cases, this

    is a one way problem-you can sync calenders from Mac to iphone, but not from iphone to Mac here is the solution that wroks 99% of the time: The problem is corrupted sync services.



    OS X Mountain Lion

    1. In the Finder, choose Utilities from the Go menu.
    2. Open Terminal.
    3. In the Terminal window, type or paste the following command on a single line:
    4. /System/Library/Frameworks/SyncServices.framework/Versions/A/Resources/resetsync .pl full
    5. Press Return.
    6. Quit Terminal after the operation has completed (when Terminal returns to the command prompt with a $).
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    Thanks a lot !

    Very good idea and solution !

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    Dear all or Stiffs. Im figuring out how to fix it. Since the updates of Itunes and IOS i'm not able to sync the Diary items on my Iphone to ICal on the Mac. Could you help me?



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    First, I suggest to close your Itune , your sync with your Iphone and unplug your iphone.close your ical

    ONce everything is closed basically you can go into your preferences and clcik "utilities folder", then click disc utility, then click your hard drive name, then click on the right hand side reset "disk permissions". It can take a few minutes to reset all your permission depending on the size of your Hard drive. This process worked for me for about a dozen times and now...same issues has you guys are having, so now i will try what is being suggested on here.

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    I tried rorygilmore's solution a couple of times but with no changes.  I also saw someone who suggeted removing the entier "calender" folder from the "library" instead of emptying it.  That didn't work either (as part of rorygilmore's 7-step solution).  After playing around, with phone deconnected and iCal off, I removed the calender folder, plugged in the phone, itune automatically started and synched. Et voilà!!  Events from my phone show up on my Mac (and vice versa). It was quite struggle over a couple of months but I think it's finally solved!!  I work on an "old" MacBook Pro (with OS10.6.8) adn a iPhone 4S. I know this is not quite your config but you might want to try it.

    Interestingly, the colors of the various calenders have had a slight change in hue?!?!?  I do remember having customized those a long time ago.  I don't play with my Mac as much as I used to so I dont' get all the subtleties of the new system but I suspect this means something somehow.  Anyway, I am just happy to be able to count on my calender again. Hopefuly, this will not be temporary!

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    I don't know what happened, but's working. And the next problem is comunig uo; Ihoto won't import any pictures or movies.

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    @JasonViolin: Thank you so much!


    Solved all my problems, iCal sync failure in both directions (iphone5 to Mac MountainLion), probably since installation of MountainLion.


    Your very easy "reset the SyncServices folder" hint solved it. As easy as that! Needed nothin else.

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    Stahlrute where do you see "reset the Sync Services folder" ? is that on the iPhone or the mac?

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    To "freebass." Thank you so much for your idea. It worked!! Even the staff at my local Apple store didn't provide this answer. Much appreciated!

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    I have attempted virtually of these "fixes."  I have repeatedly searched for a Library or Calendar folder.  Neither exist.  I have done re-sync by typing the line in Terminal as suggested.  No changes.

    I have the same problem, nothing transfers from the phone to the calendar.

    I have an iphone 4 and use OS X, 10.8.3.  I do not use icloud or mobile me and would rather not.


    Please help me sync.

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    try to save only ONE calendar on iTunes and look if sync is done.
    Then (that's what i have done), select important calendars but not ALL !

    For me, that is now OK.

    Hope this helps...

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    same here, I tried everything and still no luck. Once i find it I will let you know.

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