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Installed iTunes for the first time on WinXP machine.  No problem adding MP3's to my library.  iTunes will not allow me to add mp4's (tv shows) even with add a file manually.  They play on my PC in Quicktime so they are valid files.  When I click on my library's TV Shows I just see a white screen with "TV Shows" and directions to to buy or rent from the iTunes store.  Same is true for movies.  Help?

Windows XP Pro
  • wiclee Level 5 Level 5 (6,950 points)

    Repair your QuickTime.  Go to Control Panel, Add & Remove Programs.

  • HotPatootie Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Repaired.  No change.  File still won't load into the iTunes library.  Why did you think repairing Quicktime would affect iTunes?

  • wiclee Level 5 Level 5 (6,950 points)

    For movies to be played in iTunes, you need QuickTime installed.  A repair or update will normally solve this kind of problem.  However, in your case, apparantly, this is not.


    Can you try rename the movie file extension from mp4 to m4v then add the m4v file manually to see if it works?

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    I renamed it to an extension of .m4v and added it manually to my library but it still won't show. 


    So I went to the iTunes store and downloaded a free TV episode, the pilot for "The Killing".  Now when I click on my TV shows library I have one listed.  I again tried to add the mp4 (named m4v) from my computer but it won't go.  You'd think it would display an error message to say why it's being rejected. 


    I also tried running my file through the software "Handbrake" to encode it for the ipad specifically but it still won't add to the library. 


    I'm running Quicktime player version 7.6 (472) and Quicktime version 7.6 (1292).  I'm about to update to the latest version of Quicktime. 

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    Upgraded to the latest version of Quicktime.  No change.  I add the file to the library and the software thinks about it for 5 or 10 seconds then nothing.  Doesn't display. 

  • wiclee Level 5 Level 5 (6,950 points)

    Can you checked if they have been added to Movies libraries instead of TV-show libraries?


    Otherwise, please repair your iTunes from Control Panel.

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    I right-clicked my mp4 and chose "open with itunes" and it played.  Lo and behold it now appeared in my library but under movies rather than TV shows but I can live with that. 

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    My video successfully sync'ed to my ipad3 and I was able to play it.  So the key to getting it into iTunes was right-click and say to open in iTunes.  I'm assuming this trouble I had is a bug in iTunes and I hope Apple will fix it.

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    Thanks guys, but didn't solve my issue here on a totally fresh install of iTunes on win7.


    But, older posts from 2007, about old broken versions of QuickTime causing this, made me check... And low and behold, iTunes doesn't install QuickTime any more!


    QuickTime install, and all is well.


    So, maybe if you slowly approached the latest version of iTunes (as of 2012 07 23) your system is still holding onto an older version of QuickTime.... Without you realizing.


    Wonder why it came out of the iTunes install package... Maybe something legalwise, not unlike Microsoft has been accused of, in bundling? :-)

    That would make me smile... ;-)



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    'Repair QuickTime' -> This solved my issue. Thanks.

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    You can right-click on the file when it is in your Home Movie and go to Get Info and under Options you can change the type of file from Home Movie to TV Show

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    I had the same problem - had an mp4 movie file and it didn't want to be added to itunes. In my case it was because there were not enough room on my disc, so I just deleted a couple of movies and then it worked (but only if you remember to empty the paper bin). I don't know if this is your problem too, but it is worth checking. Good luck!

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    I also have the same problems, how did you fix it?


    I downloaded a movie and converted it to iPhone 5 format with AnyVideoConverter HD.

    Afeter that I tried adding it to iTunes library (movies), does not work.
    I tried changing the file extension to m4v, mp4... still doesn't work.

    I opened the movie using iTunes, the movie plays but still doesn't show in movies...


    How did you fix it? I've already added 20 movies to my iPhone 5 so I just don't get why this one will not be added...


    Thank for the help

  • Sébastien Shaikh Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Where is 'repair quicktime' on Mac OSX Mountain Lion?

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