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Question: I have trouble to burn a blu-ray, error code 0


I have edited a movie in final cut X, after 20min a would like to make a blu-ray to see the result on my HD TV.

It renders en make the files (H.264 + AC3) The burn program come up's, en note that there is a blu-ray disc en ask to delete all the data of the disc before writing. I click "yes". After a well the process stops with error 0?? Lack off disk space. I have 400GB free, and its a clean 25GB Blu-ray disc. If i check in the finder, my disc is created end named en if a open the movie with VLC it plays perfect! If i put the blu-ray in my PS3, nothing happens!

If i make a blu-ray disc image, sometimes it go to 95% end stops. Otherwises i get the full disc image. If i write this with toast, i get 2 black bands on my HDTV, end the movie is stretched. Al the settings are correct.

If i make a movie with the same project but delete everting exept off 5sec. Everthing go's perfect en i get full screen image on a SD card inserterd on PS3

-I try to make a new project en copy my projectfiles

-I duplicate the project without render files

-I make a fresh start with the same footage

all the same result! This on lion(external disc) end 10.6.8

I think this come's doing the update tot 10.0.3???

please a need help with this?

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Jul 3, 2015 7:40 AM in response to Danny_mac_1978 In response to Danny_mac_1978

I have the same problem ever since OS X updated to Yosemite. It does not recognize any blu-ray discs any more. I have a 2-hour beautiful slide show I just created using Final Cut Pro X. Now I can not share with people, view on TV, nor can I store my hard work precious movie. I can still burn it on DVDs, however, the movie quality is terrible compare to blu-ray HD quality.

I have two 2-hour blu-ray slide shows of my trips created using Final Cut Pro X under OS X Mavericks. The quality of them on my 65" TV is still so great, almost looks like my original digital photos I took using my Sony RX1 camera.

What a pity now! I hope some one can help us!

Jul 3, 2015 7:40 AM

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Question: I have trouble to burn a blu-ray, error code 0