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Hi friends,


I'm the 3Gs user. Recently, facing battery issue or s'ld I say Auto-Shut Down issue? It just a crazy issue...

Updated to the latest 5.1 version, but, it doesn't help to the issue above. I wish to have a hard reset General->Reset->Reset All Settings. Is this the path s'ld I take?


Just wondering:


1) Hard Reset after iTune Backup, will all data like Message, Contact, Email contents, Videos, Photos and Apps c'ld be able to returned to the last scene like before Hard Reset?


2) What s'ld I concern before Hard Reset?


Thanks for help. I'm really frustrated to the issue above.

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    Try to set it up as new device, if necessary without using the latest backup:

    Backing Up, updating, and restoring your iPhone and iPod touch software

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    1. There is no such thing as a "hard" (or "soft") reset in iPhone terminology.  See the User Guide, Appendix B for info about iPhone troubleshooting steps


    2. If you mean phone reset (press both home and on/off buttons until the Apple logo appears), no data is deleted from the phone.


    3. If you actually mean "restore", all data is returned to the phone if you use a backup and sync.  If you restore as new, without using a backup, some data is lost (messages, recent calls, contacts [if you aren't also syncing contacts], photos, etc.)

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    Thanks to all, friends!

    In fact, I really hope to not reset. Just wondering, any solution for the "Auto-Shut Down" issue? seemed Nope?!


    What I wish to reset is to resetting/revert to the factory setting of 3GS and check out whether the issue mentioned above disappear after that?


    Any better idea?