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I have a Sony HD Camcorder. After transferring the video footage into iMovie, what is the best way of retaining the HD resolution?




iMac, Mac OS X (10.0.x)
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    Eureka! I have FINALLY managed to get HD edited footage on my TV (no thanks to Apple!).

    This is how I did it:

    1. Using Boot Camp, create a Windows 7 install

    2. Install Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 Ultra (in Windows)

    3. Import AVCHD footage either direct from HD camera or from an archive stored on an external drive

    4. Edit, create titles, transitions, etc

    5. Output (from a range of various options) using H.264 which will save the edited project as a .M2TS file which now plays seemlessly HD on a WD HD Media Player including Dolby Surround Sound.


    It has taken a HUGE amount of research to finally end up with footage as good as the native MTS file the HD camera records in.


    Good luck..... Spread the word!!!

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    Hi johnday, thanks for your help.

    What program do you use to edit etc your video clips (your number 4 note) as you are still using your PC Windows 7


    I have been told (by Need4Video software) to import my footage into Windows on my old PC.  Then convert it using H.264 - as you suggest.  Then transfer all the newly converted footage onto from  my PC onto my MAC ready for editing in iMovie.  This retains the HD res.


    Is this correct?




    If  I transfer my footage directly from my XD card into iMovie, is the HD resolution lost?




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    As I understand it, that is possible, however, importing the H.264 (HD) edited footage into iMovie will render the same poor results and you will lose your HD resolution. Apple want home consumers (non-pro) to buy Final Cut Pro!!!

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    Hi johnday

    Thanks.  You forgot to tell me what video editing software you use.

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    I tried Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 Ultra, but found I couldn't get the date & time function, but I have opted to use Corel VideoStudio X5 which has everything I need and more.  Output is truly amazing with .mts delivering HD and 5.1 Dolby Surround sound, as good as the native. Why cant Apple do this with iMovie?

    Good luck!

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    Thanks johnday.  I use Pinnacle Studio Plus vers 10 on my PC and find it excellent.  HOWEVER it is VERY SLOW and I spend most of my time waiting for it to catch up on itself!!  This is my the reason for making a change to Apple.  It seems that this would be a bad idea because of the HD issue. 

    I assume you are using Corel with Windows 7 ??.


    Does FinalCut Pro retain the HD resolution??