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Why does my e-mail work on my iPhone 3GS but not on the New iPad?  I have the exact same settings for incoming and outgoing on each device.  I have tried using the e-mail while at home on my wi-fi network.

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + 4G (VZ)
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    Same issue I think, except mine works on iPhone 4 and used to work on iPad 2 but since 25th May it just doesn't update my mail anymore. No errors coming up and weirdly I still seem able to compose and send emails from the iPad, but it will not download any new messages from any folders. Yet everything works perfectly well on the iPhone, all settings are identical.


    Any thoughts would be great fully received! Cheers in advance!

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    Hmm. So I tried deleting the account from the iPad and then adding it again. Seem to have worked, so maybe worth a try for you too. I don't really understand why it messed up, but it does at least seem to be working now.