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This has happened before but I have never been able to determine the cause.  Empyting the Cache does not solve the problem


My DSL line tests at normal download speed


Safari 5.1.2 is SLOW:


1. The spinner keeps appearing and of course I cannot do any input while it is spinning.


2) The keybaord buffer seems slow or full -- I have to wait a long time before I see what I am typing


3) Airport keeps cycling between "ON" and  "Looking for Networks."


4)  Pages load very slowly, even when clicking between pages on the same site (like this one)


I do keep a lot of Tabs open and possibly something trying to refresh might be "stuck" but I need the tools to determine where that problem might be coming from.


I use a Flash blocker, ClickToFlash, and Ghostery to block tracking bugs but these are not new additions.

Safari, Mac OS X (10.6.8)