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My MBP shat itself yesterday, I had to re-install OSX. Given that I only had 1 partition I can only restore

from backup.


What I want to do is isolate the OS from data in case I have to re-install again. What I ve got now

is a 50gb OSX partition and the rest is for data.


The problem that I am facing is that the default OSX folders are on the data partition. I need to come up

with a solution that MOVES (not copies) files from OSX partition to Data partition. I was thinking of:


1. symbolic links, will this work: ln -s  /Users/User.name/Documents    /Volumes/Data/Documents


  I dont think this will work, my tests have shown files are still in source folder until I re-run the "ln -s" command.


2. automator actions, I ve not been able to schedule them in calendar. I dont mind if it only runs once a day.

3. Folder actions: again, not found anything that is easy to make work.


Any help is appreciated.



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