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The question is vague, but what I mean is the following:  If I download an html link in GoodReader, I can click on the link and then it loads the page.


But to avoid downloading a number of times, is there a way to save the content in a pdf so the content is stored on the iPad?


This would be like printing to pdf on a mac, so the document resides in pdf on your system.



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    Unfortunately, this did not help.


    Doing what the GoodReader manual says, just saves the html link. What I want is to download the article (orwhatever) so I can read it later, offline.


    Again, the idea is to be able do do something like "print to pdf" and have the pdf reside on the iPad (in iBooks, or GoodReader)



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    The app you need to check out is called Off Line Pages. However, explore the apps store. There are others.

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    Those instructions work fine for me. Don't make the mistake of assuming that because it says ".html" as the title that it's a web link; it's the actual page, downloaded. I confirmed it just now.



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    Thanks.  This helped.  Though apparently it just downloads and stores the text, not the icons of pictures, which appear off line as question marks.  The reason I didn't notice this is that the thing I tried had the desired text inside the graphic, so nothing appeared off line.


    By the way, some sources (e.g. the New York Times) have a "Print" version, which just shows the text without all the graphics, but when yu try to download these, it loads the original article. 


    Something like "Print to pdf" with the pdf loaded onto the iPad still would be nice.