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If I have iTunes on my windows pc and I have an iPhone 4S and an iPad2 is it ok to download iTunes to my Toshiba/Windows 7 laptop? Will all the devices sync properly? How do I ensure proper syncing?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1
  • John Galt Level 8 (44,680 points)

    A particular iPad, iPhone, etc can only be synced to one computer at a time. However, you can certainly download and install iTunes on whatever computer you want.


    You can enable "home sharing" to share each computer's music library, and you can also authorize up to five computers to play anything you download from the iTunes music store.


    This ought to accomplish what you want, but technically, these devices will not be synced to one another. An iDevice is synced to one and only one computer, but you can change which one as often as you want.

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    Very informative and concise answer. Now I understand. The new laptop with Windows 7 will just be another device that has iTunes downloaded and can interface with the Apple store. Using "home sharing" allowes the same music to be shared between my two Windows environment devices, but my desktop will still be the "home" computer unless I change it to the Toshiba.

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    Just remember one thing: iTunes content such as music and videos is intended to go in one direction: from your computer to iPhones and iPads. If you were to ever lose the "home" computer due to damage, disk failure, viruses and the like, the iDevice will have lost the source for what it contains.


    Not a problem for content purchased from Apple since you can always download it again. However, anything copied or imported from another source would be lost. The moral of the story is to back up your Windows PC (somehow).


    Windows PCs fail with disturbing regularity and this forum is full of miserable tales of people who discovered this too late.

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    I'm planning to buy an Apple laptop as soon as I sell my Toshiba. Had I purchased the IPad or

    iPhone prior to the Toshiba I would have known better, alas I didn't.


    Again thanks for your advice. I"m liking  this thing called Apple....

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    You're welcome, and welcome to Apple! You will wonder how you got along without one.


    It's a different world. Follow the discussions here and you will learn a lot.


    Short tutorial: http://www.apple.com/support/mac101/

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    Already learned a lot, thanks to you.


    Last question. For now.....


    MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?


    Retired (and loving it), so no business requirements. We travel quit often, so I'm concerned about no 3G. Does the iPhone wireless hot spot work well enough to not require a 3G connection by laptop?

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    I pensioned off my MBP last August in favour of a 13 inch MB Air and I'm so glad I did and so is my shoulder after lugging the thing around for a number of years. I still use the MBP at home but it is heavy and slow compared to my super-fast Air. Solid State Drive you see, there's a rumour of a 15 inch Air sometime but if you don't need a permanent disc drive then go for the Air and enjoy it.

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    MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?


    That question will engender a lot of opinions! As you probably expect the answer is "it depends".


    Each has its advantages. I have both but find myself using the Air much more, since portability is most important to me. The SSD makes it seem much faster than a Pro, even though benchmarks don't really support that conclusion.


    Real speed freaks install an SSD in a Pro but that gets pricey, and it's still heavy. My MBP pretty much stays on the desk.


    As for 3G, almost everyplace I go has Wi-Fi so I'm not the best one to ask.

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    MB Air it is, I prefer the light weight and solid state as well.


    Are you in the UK?


    I had an office at AstraZeneca outside London.

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    Yes, I am in the UK, but I don't understand your AstraZeneca reference.


    I too travel a good deal for work and play, ignore the 3g Pad, there's wi-fi everywhere in the world these days and having one less contract with the mobile phone companies can only be a good thing.


    I bought an iPad 1 just after they came out and I'm buying a 3 tomorrow and never, ever have I wished that I had 3G connectivity. I must state that I do have a iPhone 4 so I'm never completely out of the loop with connectivity.