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It looks like the Apple Configurator allows installation of documents into 3rd-party apps, but not into iBooks (for example PDFs). This is a serious omission. Right now I can deploy the iBooks app to multiple iPads with the Apple Configurator, but not iBooks books or PDFs.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1
  • gyrhead Level 3 (785 points)

    I believe this was a deliberate omission.  The VPP iBooks EULA states that redeem codes for iBooks purchased in the VPP must be associated with the individual itunes accounts of the students and faculty ( in the case of education customers) so this would preclude the use of configurator to load these in iBooks, and therefore this will impeded the ability of configurator to load any books or pdfs using this utility.

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    Well the Apple Configurator provides installation of paid iOS apps purchased using the VPP program, allocating redemption codes to each connected device.


    There are also free iBooks and PDFs available online as well as internally produced PDFs and iBooks (using iBooks Author) that should be easily distributable without any need for VPP licenses or codes.

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    Should be is the operative term.  I totally agree with you.  Do you work with an Apple engineer or Apple rep?  I would bring this issue up with them, just to get suggestions and in case we have overlooked anything. 

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    Yes, this is ridiculous. I manage iPuds for an educational institution and merely want to add the "free" iOS 5 User Guide to all of our iPuds. Why is that such an unreasonable request???? Why? Why? Why?

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    There is one workaround that can get PDF files into iBooks using Configurator. First, load your PDF files on a web server. Use Configurator to make a profile that includes a web clip. Give the web clip the address of the PDF files.

    The PDFs fill open in Safari, but the user has the option to open the PDF in iBooks afterwards.

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    Is there a solution for this yet?

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    I am running into the same issue in attempting to install company catalog PDFs into iBook.


    The work around I am using involves Apple Configurator to install the PDFs into Acrobat Reader, then using 'Open In…" iBooks. It's a real PIA because I have 13 iPads and about 45 PDFs to load on each one.  The only reason I would go through the trouble is I like the ability to seperate the catalogs into folders for 7 different products groups, instead of one huge list in Acrobat.


    You can also accomplish this transfer from a Dropbox. still a pain in the *** though.