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When I plug my iPod into the Snow Leopard iMac, it automatically opens iTunes ready for me to sync.


However, when I plug my iPad into it, I have to open iTues manually.


Now before you roll your eyes I must admit that that isn't a great hardship, but it set me thinking "why not"?


I single clicked on the iPad in the iTunes Devices panel and then selected the Summary tab and there, before my very eyes, is an option to Open ITunes when this iPad is connected.


Just what I want, thought I, getting all hot and excited.


But ...


... there's always a but isn't there?


But - that option is greyed out! 


How can I ungrey it (if ungrey is a word)?

iPad, iOS 5.1, 64GB 4g
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    Do you auto sync with iTunes? You can do this with the iPad connected to your Mac.


    Try this - launch iTunes on your Mac and go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices - see if the box at the bottom of the window - "Prevent iPods, iPhones .... from auto syncing" is checked. If it is checked - uncheck it and then click OK. See if you get the option ungreyed in iTunes.