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When accessing iChat for the first time to set up an account, clicking on the iChat icon from either finder-applications, or from the dock, iChat will not open and take me to the account set up to create a new account. Suggestions?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    If you go to Applications and click iChat once to highlight can you then do a Get Info ?

    Apple/CMD ( or ⌘) and the i key together.


    This will bring up the Info panel

    Which version of iChat does it say it is ?

    At OS X 10.7.3 it should be version 6.0.1


    If this is OK then close the panel

    Go to the Finder > Go Menu and hold th ALT key down - then Select Library from the list.

    Open the Preferences folder.

    Find com.apple.ichat.plist and com.apple.ichatAgent.plist plus th ones with AIM and Jabber in the File names.

    Drag them all to the Trash


    Restart iChat.


    If iChat is NOT at version 6.0.1 then download and reinstall the COMBO version of the OS  X 10.7.3 Update over what you have.  (this should Update iChat)




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