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I'm trying to create a multicam clip for the first time.  I watched a tutorial and am following along with it.  It's a basic multicam clip I'm creating from two fairly brief clips in my Event browser.  To save time, I inserted markers and used those (instead of the default audio syncing) to sync the two clips. 


When I create the clip, it appears in the Event browser immediately (with the small four-screen indicator at the top left of the clip).  But, when I drag this multicam clip to my timeline (and open the angle viewer), I only see one angle in the angle viewer no matter where I place the playhead.


The two clips I created the multicam clip from are each about 16 minutes long, they don't cover exactly the same 16 minutes of what I was filming.  One clip starts a little sooner than the other.  So I expected that there would be a section at the beginning and a section at the end of the multicam clip where I would only see one angle or the other in the angle viewer, but that throughout most of the 16 minutes I would see both angles in the angle viewer.  But, as I said, the problem is that there is no point anywhere in the multicam clip where I see.


Interestingly, in the timeline, the multicam clip is just one of the angles followed by the other angle (starting at the same point).  So it's like I just took the two clips that comprise the multicam clip and joined them into one longer clip.


What am I likely doing wrong?  Please keep in mind that I've never created a multicam clip before, so it could be some very basic and obvious.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.4)