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Hi, trying to set up my new Ipad 3 it tells me that my apple id password is wrong and to reset it. It was the right one ( I logged in yesterday with it) but I reset it anyhow, and this reset was confirmed. New pw works when I log in  via laptop. Back to ipad, new pw still won't work...do I have to wait for a while or what? So I wait...try again....ipad tells me to use an email address rather than old apple id for security reasons. Won't let me in -- tells me that email address is in use.....yes, it is...it is the address associated with my apple ID.....so am caught in a cycle -- what does one do???

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi
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    you simply got mixed up between multiple apple id's. And you will tell me that you didn't. And until you realize, that you did, nobody can help you.

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    I realize you mean to be helpful so thanks for the note (if not the tone) but I used the same account with which I bought the iPad3 and my various apps. Not sure how other accounts, associated with this same email, can exist.  When I am in my apple account, now accessed with the just updated password,  it shows me this one same emai address, and the same old apple ID, the only ones I have, it then asks if I want to make this email address my new apple ID to make life simple, but when I try to do this it tells me the "apple ID is in use" -- hum.....are you telling me there is another account, which I own, with this same apple ID and associated email but which has a different password? 

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    Andrew501, did you happen to set up a new ID with iCloud?  If so, perhaps this is the "other" password that you have.  Just guessing...and trying to help.

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    No, I am telling you that that (e-mail or apple id) is associated with apple id, that one or other one does not matter. As long as it is, you will not be able to use it.

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    Thanks both -- I think we are not exaclty communicating well on this issue so I'll move on.

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    andrew501- I am having EXACTLY the same trouble.  I do have two Apple ID's, because when I used the first one which was just a name/word, it asked me to use an email address.  So I used my email address and then I had to set a new password.  Then when I went on my new (previously used) Ipad it keeps asking for an email address as an Apple ID, but then tells me that email is not valid (being used).  I have reset the password several times, but the Apple ID is the problem- it wont accept my email address that is on my laptop.  I want to purchase Icloud, but cant because I cant get past this point when syncing with my laptop to try and set up my Ipad.  Something is definitely wrong. 

    Fromsouth:  I know my two different Apple Id's, am not mixing them up.  THe ipad will NOT accept my email address.  Any suggestions?

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    take your e-mail address out of that account (replace with any other if that "other" is not something u want to use for the Cloud)

    then create apple id and you will not have a problem, since e-mail will not be associated with any apple id.

    there is no problem if u will use different apple id's for store, cloud,facetime,imessage. you can have different

    apple id's on one device for all of those things.

    Actual problem is that you can't use your new id at store (cause purchases made to old one)

    Nor can you use old with cloud.

    Just use two if apple wants.

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    I was having the same issue but was able to fix it by changing my apple ID to one that was the email in question. It seems my apple ID was old and did not meet the new naming standards even though it worked on iTunes logins and store purchases.