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I had a setup of a macbook pro conected wireleslly to and apple time capsule wich then connected to my apple tv 2 and I could stream anything from my macbook perfectly.


Well my macbook died and I switched to a pc desktop which also connects to the time capsule via wifi.


The problem is I can't stream anything from the pc to the apple tv.  It takes way longer than it use to just to load my library and on top of that when I try to play a hd movie streamed from my itunes library I can't get it to play...just loads forever


Even the artwork of things takes a very long time to load on the apple tv 2.  Songs that are streamed from the pc say they are playing but there is no sound and the artwork doesn't load.  However playing from my itunes match over the internet I run into no problems....


I'm using all of the latest updates on both apple products and the windows pc.

Please help I want to watch the sitter



PS One other thing to consider is that I have a very very good pc for high end gaming, itunes is slow but usable and when I try to play one of the hd movies its very laggy however playing it with something such as VLC media player I run into no problems.

AppleTV 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    Almost 8 hours, needed a bump

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    I don't know much about PC's, but everything would suggest thats where the problem is. Have you tried running from a new user account, to eliminate general user settings, turning off antivirus software etc.

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    Im having the exact same problem. I can see the TV programs and Films from the Apple TV menu but when I select it the lighted bars that go round in a circle thing just keeps going round. I even went out to make a cup of tea and it was still going. After I gave up waiting (and my friends watching this then laughing at me for buying a load of rubish)  I can go back into the menu and explore around the rest of my library so the connection is fine. Its quicker to unplug my laptop and plug it into my TV and watch the films that way. Streaming from my iPhone 4S is fine. My Apple TV is connected via ethenet to my Airport Express and my laptop has a wireless connection to that (from about a metre away) I dont have any internet in my room if that makes a difference.

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    I've had this same problem since I bought my AppleTV 2 since that model was introduced.  Wirelessly streaming video of any kind from my iMac to the ATV2 is and always has been hopeless.  Every once in a while, I forget how bad it is and rent a movie via ATV2, only to have it fail to download -- stuck on 0:00 in the "time bar" -- and then I give up again.  Even streaming something I already have on the iMac does the same thing.  Other than the fact that I can stream music through it to my stereo and (sometimes) show photos through it on the television, it's not funcitonal for me.  It's just easier to rent movies over cable.

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    Yea this is a joke, I feel like I own a brick! its pointless...


    Also while doing some troubleshooting with the laggy playback on my pc of the 720p movies if I open them in quicktime they play fine but as soon as I try to play in itunes itself its laggy and choppy once again....weird becuase I thought quicktime was the player for itunes


    Im using a Radeon 7970 and its overkill on something such as a hd movie >.<


    I wish apply would look into this.

    Btw all my ethernets are cat6 cables and the one switch not including the time capsule are gigabit capatable.

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    Fix was posted for wrong topic >.<


    Still need help

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    Suggest you re-post - people with answers aren't going to come looking ...

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    Incase anybody is still looking for answers, ive figured out some problems.


    In your setup:


    1. Any wifi should have a solid signal

    2. Ethernet cables should be CAT 5e or better

    3. Any ports or switches should be of the gigabith compatible (my problem)



    What was happening was my switch after the airport and before the apple tv was creating a tunnle and not letting the required bandwith through.


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