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My Apple ID is [name]@me.com. This is also my primary email address with Apple. I have decided not to transfer my MobileMe account to iCloud. I have a few questions:


1. Apple currently sends email to me via my @me.com email address (my primary email). Will they continue to send to this address if I do not sign up for iCloud (and after MobileMe goes down)?


2. If not, does it matter that my Apple ID is a former email address? ([name]@.me.com seems like an odd user ID to have if it isn't an active email address).


3. When MobileMe goes down (and I have not moved to iCloud), what will become of my @me.com emails? Will they be deleted off my computer when they are gone from Me.com? If so, can I archive them so they don't disappear? All of my iTunes and AppStore receipts are in those emails, so I wouldn't want to lose them.


Note: I realize that I will have to change my primary email address with Apple if the answer to Question No. is no.