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I've bought quite a few songs on iTunes and I haven't had any problems until recently. When I click Convert to MP3 Version I get an error: "Error occurred while converting the file " ". An unknown error occurred. (-3)." Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

iTunes, Windows XP
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    As a workaround, try converting the AAC to WAV, and then convert the WAV to MP3.

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    How do you do that?

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    kittyb69 wrote:


    How do you do that?

    The same way you convert to MP3.


    See iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file format

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    It gives me the same error.

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    Are you encountering this problem on any file that you try to convert, or is it only one problem track?

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    Just on one. I bought 3 songs and the other 2 converted just fine. I bought 3 other songs a couple of weeks ago and 2 of the 3 gave me the same error. I clicked on Report an error for those 2 but they didn't help me so I just got my money back. Never had this problem before.

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    In that case it sounds like you had a couple of corrupt files.


    If you still need the songs in MP3 format, you can purchase them at Amazon MP3.

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    I was also having this problem. It seems to be linked to trying to convert a batch of files. I found that the first file would be converted and the rest would be corrupted somehow. I deleted them and re-downloaded them (the corrupted files) and again, the first in the batch (the second song from the first attempt) was fine, but the rest wouldn't work. The solution seems to be getting a fresh download and then converting them one at a time. A pain, but it's working.

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    I get that error for 100’s of the ones I’ve downloaded with iTunes match.  I have to delete them when I get that error and download them again, then it works.  I still don’t understand how people are convinced that Apple products just work. They have the same problems as Microsoft, Google, etc…

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    I did what you suggested, and deleted the files that were corrupted.  But I found recently that I can't download from my account because I have downloaded from two different accounts (my mom's and my friend's) and it tells me to wait a certain amount of days before I can download from my purchased section on my account.  Do I have to wait that long, or is there a work-around? Please help, this is driving me nuts!

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    I too have been getting this error when attempting to convert a newly purchased song to mp3.  This has only started happnning recently in iTunes  It turns out that this happens when the newly purchased songs are not complete.  The real problem seems to be with downloading new songs form iTunes Store.  iTunes reports a successful and complete download, but when I go to play the song, only 30 seconds to a minute of audio exist.  It has been occurring so frequently, that I will not purchase another song until the problem is fixed.  I tried redownloading an album 5 times already, one song at a time while checking each song in between with no success.  Anyone at Apple know what's wrong with their software?

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    exactly the same problem here as SplittingAtom. sent a service request to Apple, but yeah, if that doesn't straighten things out I'm rethinking using iTunes....

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    I had this problem and just fixed it. In my case, iTunes had somehow lost track of the location of the Library. When I went to iTunes > Preferences… > Advanced, there was a blank in the "iTunes Media Folder Location" field. I reset it to the default location, and everything works now.

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    This is the best thing to use if you have a lot of music to convert. I have the iphone 5 and I couldnt find any of those settings in my phone. So if you want to convert a lot of music on your laptop and then transfer it on to your phone just download this simple program and it will put it in a file for you: