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I have set up a Lion Server with one admin (in addition to the root user) and several non-admin normal accounts. In Server.app, I have enabled remote login with ssh, and remote management via screen sharing.  I am unable to use Screen Sharing to connect to the server from the non-admin accounts, but able to use the admin account. I've read that it is only enabled for admin users, but need to access from non-admin accounts, and I can't add these accounts to the admin group. Is there a way to do this with Workgroup Manager? I tried changing the Remote Management settings in System Preferences by adding the non-admin, but when selecting 'Observe' and 'Control' in the options for the user, they are not saved.

MacBookPro2,2, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    I resolved this issue by deselecting the "Enable screen sharing and remote management" in Server.app and going to System Preferences, Sharing Preferences, Screen Sharing, and allowing access for "All Users".  If you have some users you want to allow VNC, you can create a group, add the allowed users to the group, and add the group under "Only these users".