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Hi -


I had some disk troubles with an Intel iMac lately. Replaced the disk, and installed 10.5 on it. Upgraded today to 10.6.3 via Apple DVD. Tried to run the combo install to 10.6.8 and it failed without much of an error message.


So, I went to the download center, got the 10.6.4, installed it. All fine. Did the same with 10.6.5; same thing -- all fine.


Tried to do the same with 10.6.6, and got an error at the very end (after the "moving items into place" message.


Don't know what gives here. It's possible that when I was moving stuff off the old disk (I had to do this manually; please don't ask) I may have inadvertently overlaid some system or library files. But...it worked fine on 10.5, and then on 10.6.3.


Any ideas what's causing this now, and what might be a good course of action?


Thank you.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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Upgrade installs have always been a source of trouble, especially upgrading from Leopard. Your best solution is to do a complete erase and install of Snow Leopard and start from scratch.

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