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When I sync my real iPad to save my ipa, I get the message "my app name failed to install".


Back in Xcode 4.3.1:


1)   select the Organizer - Archives

2)   click "Distribute"

3)   select "Save for Enterprise or Ad Hoc Deployment"

4)   click "Next"

5)   Code Signing Identity appears = "John Love (iOS Distribution)"

6)   click "Next"

7)   save the ipa to my hard drive

8)   drag the ipa on top of the iTunes app

9)   asks me if I wish to overwrite and I select YES

10)  iTunes does its thing and presents the message "my app name failed to install"




(a) the ipa did Validate


(b) I never, ever had a problem until the current version of Xcode = 4.3.1 - previous versions worked just dandy.


John Love