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Mac OS X

I have seen this problem before, but it was resolved in Snow Leopard (possibly before) and has only just started happening again in Lion (10.7.3):


When I select my company (Cisco IPSec) VPN from the (built-in) network menu it goes through the motions of "Connecting..." and then fails giving the reason "...negotiation with the VPN server failed..." in a dialog.  However, selecting it for a second time always presents the expected user authentication dialog.


I have also noticed a pattern that after a successful connection has been terminated, the next attempt will always fail in the manner described whereas cancelling at the authentication dialog and then immediately retrying will work as expected.


There's some kind of alternation going on here, but I can't explain what it is.  Does anyone else have experience of this or suggestions of what might be happening (and, ideally, a workaround) please?


NOTE: I have seen other discussions here about Back to My Mac being a culprit, but that appears to be consistently not working - not this alternation thing

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 13" Late 2011 8GB RAM