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Hi i'm reading around of a lot of problems with the iPad 3


the thing i'm most scare of is battery life.. on youtube i found a video where this guy says buttery life is very bad, and takes very long to charge

i'm not gonna play games with i pad but i would like to take it with me and use it for almost one day without warrry about charging it


i also hear about heat problems, wifi problems... and yellow screens, but i think this is just a different display color tone


is in US or in European countries already sold out? I'm from Italy and tomorrow is day one here

  • Ralph9430 Level 6 (17,636 points)

    If you an, visit an Apple Store and spend some time on an iPad. There have been some posts about users with problems but there have been over 3 million iPads sold in the first weekend it was available. Nt everyone is experiencing problems or the servers on this forum would e swamped.

  • Ingo2711 Level 7 (22,495 points)

    I just bought my first iPad3, the battery life seems to be good so far, I'm trying to use the same battery saving tips as for the iPhone4, reduce the brightness of your screen, push/fetch disabled, etc.


    The iPad is still available, although there were some people standing in lines last Friday  

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    Out of the box the battery ran down fast, however, this is to be expected. After a full charge overnight it is up to a better performance in line with my previous iPad. Battery life is obviously dependent on usage and heavy processor and graphics usage are going to drain it quicker. But the upside is performance and the screen which I have to say is superb.


    Give one a try and you'll likely put the potential issues to one side and forget them!

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    Hi when bought my ipad 3 i was very mad at how long it lasted . It was 100% and it went down without even using it and when using pandora it went down very quick , it wouldnt charge overnight . I connected it to my computer and restored it before taking it to the apple stoee because usally they tell you to do that . It worked now it charges fast and i get the 10 hour battery life .


    So my point is try to restore your ipad or if it keeps on giving you problems simply take it to the apple store


    Ipad 3 is beast :)